Spend the Perfect Weekend In New Jersey

New Jersey located 130 miles of the Atlantic Coast. Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan accessible by ferries at Liberty State Park. One of the smallest states in the US, it home to many popular tourist attractions.Whether you’re taking a short day trip to the beach or a weekend with the family.

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The famous boardwalk is most famous for of course reality TV show Jersey Shore. However, don’t let that taint your view of the area. Seaside Heights has plenty to see and do for everyone, thrill seekers will love the roller coasters and rides. Foodies will love the different array of food on offers such as Tacos, the Langosta Lounge, and Pop Garage.Another popular boardwalk in the summer months is Wildwood great for families. The boardwalk overlooks the beach and is great for catching a tan and chilling in sea waters. There are also over 100 attractions for children to enjoy.

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No trip to New Jersey is complete without a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure Safari.  A fantastic day out for families with plenty of rollercoaster for thrill seekers. Six Flags is a roller coaster lover’s dream, however for those who aren’t huge fans the park also has a safari area. Children can enjoy and discover, guided tours are available as well as a chance to stop and feed giraffes.


After a long day at boardwalks and exploring Holiday Inn Express Hotel Tower Center New Brunswick.In a great location central to popular attraction allowing you to explore without the worry for expensive transportation. Located near one of New Brunswick’s award-winning theatres.

The State Theatre is a great place to take in Broadway Shows, concerts,comedy and family events!


Cape May a gorgeous resort town, full of it’s any Victorian style holiday homes was discovered by the wealthy in the 18 and 19th century. The town is so beautiful that it has drawn in six US presidents have resided during the summer. Gorgeous fine beaches await you as well as the famous Cape May Point Lighthouse built in 1859, consists of a museum to explore educating on the 18 room mansions architecture.


Art lovers will love this wonderful 42 acre museum and sculpture park. Grounds For Sculpture was established in 1992 and has become one of the state’s most popular art exhibits. The exhibit features 270 large scale works by Seward Johnson and other US artists. The grounds itself is brimming with flowerbeds and trees.


Of course New York City is located just under two hours away, it’s worth a visit just for the popular tourist attractions. New York city gives the ultimate guide should you wish to visit and do different things beside the usual must sees of the city.


New Jersey has more to offer than the now famous party scene, it has gorgeous sandy beaches along multiple boardwalks. They all offer plenty of things for everyone whether your trip to New Jersey is a quiet weekend trip to the beach, a family fun day of fun at Six Flags there is plenty to do.  


Colorado is one of the most interesting and exciting US states for many people. That is because the landscape varies incredibly. The state is home to arid desert, river canyons, and even snow-covered Rocky Mountains. So, there is always lots to see and do during your stay. Today. I’m going to draw your attention towards some of the fun activities you could try this year. If you haven’t planned a trip to Colorado already, this article should encourage you to take a leap of faith. Travelers will struggle to find another state in the US with so many things to see and do.

Book a skiing experience
Colorado is one of the best locations in the country for people who want to try skiing. The mountains are covered in snow all year round, and so it doesn’t matter too much when you arrive. There is also no need to transport lots of equipment because you can rent it while you’re there. VistaBahn Ski Rentals and their rivals don’t charge the earth of the items you require. So, it’s much easier to rent the products as and when you need them. You can also employ the services of an instructor if you’re concerned about safety. However, the number of injuries each year on the slopes is much lower than most people would expect.
Visit the Rocky Mountain National Park
The Rocky Mountain National Park is an essential stop for all travelers. It’s the best place in the state to take a long stroll through the countryside and take in some amazing sights. You’ll encounter giant lakes and snow-capped mountains that look stunning in photographs. So, make sure you bring your camera along for the trip. You should also pack a bag with some waterproof clothing in case the heavens open when you’re miles away from the base. The Keyhole Route, a climb crossing vertical rock faces, leads up to Longs Peak. That is the park’s tallest mountain, and it’s not to be missed.

Check out one of the many museums
If you want to learn about the history of Colorado, it makes sense to visit some of the state’s many museums. The Centennial Village Museum is always a favorite among tourists. However, you might also consider visiting The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. If that doesn’t appeal to you, check out The Colorado Railroad Museum or somewhere similar. You’ll find guides online that highlight all the best attractions in the local area. So, just ask Google if you get stuck for something to do.
Whenever you travel to Colorado, make sure you perform some research in advance. That is how you will ensure you get the most out of your trip. Colorado isn’t for everyone because the temperatures tend to drop during the winter months. Still, it’s one of the best places in America for people who enjoy seeing snow and frost. There are also many woodlands in the national parks that walkers won’t want to overlook. Best of all? You can travel to Yellowstone in no time at all! Who doesn’t love active super-volcanoes?

Could Boston Be Your Next Ultimate Destination?

You can name pretty much any destination in the states and think of a few great reasons to go there. But there are certain locations which just seem to have an extra special kind of character, and Boston is definitely one of them. In some respects, although it is a well-known place, Boston sometimes gets a little forgotten in comparison to some of the bigger holiday destinations. But in today’s post, we are going to show how you just might be missing out if you never manage to visit this beautiful place. If you’re looking for a city that has a huge variety on offer, Boston might be the one.


More Than A City


Although you might go for the traditional city experience, in Boston you might actually come away having seen much more. This is because Boston is more than just a city – with thirty-four islands to its name, you can also do a fair bit of island-hopping as well. This can be a great way to shake things up if you are looking for a vacation with some variety. Of course, you will need to decide on which islands are likely to be the best to visit, but for that the answer is actually surprisingly simple to come by. Most agree that the Georges Island and Spectacle Island are particularly fascinating, and they have the added advantage of being easily accessible from the harbour too. Travelling around these islands, they are so much destinations in their own right that you might forget Boston itself – were it not for the fact that they provide fantastic views to the city.


Variety Of Accommodation


The accommodation is clearly one of the most important factors for most travellers, and in this area too Boston does not disappoint. You have such a great range and variety to choose from that you would be extremely unlikely not to find the ideal spot for you, no matter what it is that you tend to go for on your trips. Whether you want to go out of the way slightly and visit somewhere like the Crowne Plaza Boston Newton hotel, or you are keen on staying in a grand hotel on the harbour front, there is going to be something for everyone. Knowing you have somewhere decent to stay always makes the experience much more worthwhile.


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If you are someone who appreciates the beauty of buildings, Boston is likely to be a favorite destination of yours across the whole of the US. There is so much to see on this front that you will probably experience some neck pain from looking up so much, and the sheer scale of some of the architecture will likely blow you away. If you really want to see some incredible buildings, consider going to Copley Square and into what is known as the ‘Athens of America’, some of the most magnificent architecture not just in the US but anywhere in the world.

Tanzania: An Adventure To Remember

Tanzania is a vast and beautiful East African country, which is renowned for its wildlife and wilderness. Many travellers go there to explore with local guides and experts, and it’s a popular destination for wildlife photographers. Once you’ve sorted out your vaccinations, your travel arrangements, and accommodation; you’ll want to focus on the good stuff. Tanzania will offer you memorable experiences and unparalleled scenery, making it the perfect adventure for the solo traveller. The following are some ideas for you to consider before your head off on your African adventure.


The Big Five


The first thing on many people’s minds when the get on a plane to Tanzania is if they’re going to be able to see “the big five.” Made up of elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, and lions (are you hearing the Lion KIng music yet), the big five are the famous game that reside on the land of Tanzania and are the focus of many traveller’s trip. If you want to capture a photograph of Simba in his natural habitat; it’s worth booking yourself onto an organised safari, so that you’ll have the best chance of spotting and photographing the animals you love.


You can also take a boat safari to see the sleeping crocodiles on the Rufiji River (if you’re brave enough) and all of the national parks revolve around nature, so there will be plenty of wildlife to enjoy. Visit Ngorongoro Crater to see a beautiful vista where lions pad around leisurely on top of a world heritage site; it’ll be well worth the adventure.


A Bucket List Challenge


Another area of stunning beauty lies in the northern area of Tanzania; Mount Kilimanjaro is somewhere that attracts over 50,000 clhttps://static.pexels.com/photos/41178/africa-animal-big-carnivore-41178.jpegimbers a year and with good reason. The are various routes to take when you’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and each offers a different experience and, varying terrain and scenery; all of which a breathtaking and they’ll be views that you’ll never forget.


You’re unlikely to be climbing the mountain alone (and this is unadvised anyway), as it’s such a popular destination for those who love to trek and climb. Therefore, it’s a great way to make lasting friendships, as you’ll all be camping and travelling up the mountain together, before reaching the peak and ticking it off your bucket list. Make sure that you’re well equipped; take a look here for advice on what to invest in and ensure that your fitness levels are up to a good standard (you don’t want to be left behind). If you research and prepare properly; you’ll have an awesome adventure, and you will return from Tanzania feeling fulfilled (and with plenty of stories to tell).



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It’s Not All Desert


After a tiring expedition up the mountain and once you’ve spotted the big five; it’s time to visit the tropical coastline of Tanzania and the islands of Zanzibar. On the main island of Zanzibar, you’ll find a historic town full of character, winding streets and old palaces; an explorer’s dream. If you’re still craving wildlife, you can enjoy the rich and varied sea life that reside in the area, like whale sharks and coral reefs, in the marine park. Tanzania is bursting with different wildlife, climates, terrains, and an array of sights and sounds that will excite your senses; you won’t want to leave and are bound to make a return trip in the future.


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Top 3 Holidays for Solo Travellers

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Travelling alone can be one of the best things we can experience. It’s not necessary to worry about fitting in around anyone else’s plans, or getting dragged off to see things that you have absolutely no interest in seeing. You can simply do what you want, when you want, which is both exciting and liberating. However, travelling alone does have a downside and that is that  it can sometimes get a little bit lonely, and there can be occasional moments where we just fancy having a chat and enjoying the company of others.


Therefore if you are considering travelling alone, but are concerned about feeling a little lonely then read below for our top three travelling activities and holidays when travelling alone, to ensure that you have something dynamic, social and interesting to look forward to to fight off those feelings of loneliness.


Language Courses


A language course is a wonderful way to not only immerse yourself in a foreign culture but also to meet new people whilst travelling. As language courses generally last only a few hours in the morning that means that the rest of the day is freed up for exploration and discovering your chosen destination. So language courses, in exciting European cities, for example, can offer a great balance between travelling alone with a couple of hours each day being surrounded by interesting people and potentially making a few new friends along the way.


A Wine Tour


A wine tour is a fantastic way to see the different rural regions of a country. Not only are they super relaxing due their beautiful surroundings but they are also indulgent and interesting due to the gorgeous wines on offer and for the information that all wine lovers can learn on such a tour. A winery vacation is also a great trip for people travelling alone as you will be surrounded by other people touring the same regions and all with the shared passion for great wine. So this is a super vacation idea for anyone travelling alone that enjoys great wine and the company of like-minded travellers.


A Yoga Retreat


If you’re planning on travelling alone and feel that you want to go somewhere relaxing and destressing then perhaps you can look into escaping to a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are full of solo travellers looking for somewhere to unwind, relax and connect with themselves. Yoga centres and retreats can be found in most holiday destinations these days as yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to improve mind, body and soul.


Therefore thinking about going to a yoga retreat for your holiday or even just part of your holiday, could be a fantastic way to really disconnect from the demands and stresses of daily life and spend some time just investing in yourself. Yoga retreats are generally quiet and contemplative places, they can also be really sociable as you will meet interesting and unique people from all corners of the globe.


The Best European Countries To Visit Solo


Travelling alone can be a wonderful adventure, but you’ve got to have a certain amount of common sense about you. While it’s true that you should be heading places where there are a lot of people around you for safety reasons, you shouldn’t just be going there for that reason alone. There is so much of the world to see, and more so knowing how to get yourself out of sticky situations – and going to destinations that are some of the safest in the world – are key to enjoying yourself. So, when it comes to Europe, where are the best places to travel solo?


The United Kingdom


A lot of cities in the UK are extremely populated, meaning that there is that safety element. To add to this, there are charities dotted around as well as a lot of hostels in both cities and the countryside that cater for the needs of the solo traveller. Excellent public transport links between countries such as Scotland and England mean that you’re not stuck around in one place for too long, especially in more busy places such as London and Manchester.




This is often rated the number one safest country in the world – what else could you ask for when you’re travelling? This may be in part down to just how underpopulated Iceland is as a whole. Considering the size of the island, only 350,000 people actually inhabit it. In 2013, there was only one extremely violent crime in the whole of the country. There is so much to take in, from the stunning views of the Aurora Borealis to geysers which explode hot shots of water right in front of your very eyes.




Hungary is rated within the top 25 of the Global Peace Index. Budapest itself is great for travelling around on foot and offers an immense history which is shown throughout the architecture and parks/gardens that are on offer. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, with spaces that are open and well maintained. Maps of the city itself are clear and easy to follow, meaning that it’s actually quite hard for you to get lost – you’d have a more difficult time doing so!




A lot of travellers seem to skip over Sweden when they’re planning their trips. Not only is it up on the Global Peace Index with Iceland and Hungary as one of the safest places to travel solo, but it’s also host to some beautiful scenery. It’s part of Scandinavia, meaning that you have Norway and Finland either side, which are both quite easily accessible and offer the same inland lakes, vast forests and medieval towns for you to visit at your own leisure. If you fancy going to somewhere more contemporary, then don’t fret about looking far; this is what Sweden is known for. It is the home of IKEA, after all! The world’s first original ice hotel could be a cool place for you to stay (quite literally!), and is definitely worth checking out.


Visiting Italy? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Get the Most of It

Planning to visit Italy for the first time? Don’t worry, it can be daunting (much like any other country) but Italy is surprisingly hard for newcomers to embrace. This is usually because of the differences between how Italy is perceived in other countries and how it actually is. For instance, many of the meals eaten in Italy have similar names to dishes in other countries, but can be completely different once you order them. It’s for this reason (and a couple of others) that you should follow these first-timer tips if you plan to visit Italy.


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Study a bit of the language


A few phrases will get you far, but a brief understanding of the language itself will get you even further. There are many fantastic restaurants in Italy that won’t be translated, more specifically some of the lesser-known places that are further away from the tourist attractions. Since there’s no English menu, you’ll have a hard time ordering the right thing and you may even decide to tell the waiter that you want what the person next to you is having just because it looks nice. Make sure you brush up on your Italian language skills. If you plan to stay for a while, then consider a language course from an institute such as Ellci. It’ll help your language skills in the long run and there’s the added bonus of actually being in the country of the language you want to learn.


Embrace the local cuisine


Most people associate pizza and spaghetti to Italian cuisine, but there’s so much more to be had and you need to learn some of the dining etiquettes in order to get by in Italy. First of all, although there is no shortage of famous restaurants in Italy, most of them only open up during the late hours of the evening. For instance, restaurants usually start offering dinner meals after 7 PM. A full Italian meal comes in several different parts. There’s a starter, a pasta or risotto, the main course, a side dish and then a dessert. While this is the standard, it doesn’t prevent you from skipping one or two out. Also, try and be mindful of Italian customs, such as only eating spaghetti with a fork and always having it with wine, never beer.



Use public transportation


Most cities in Italy can be explored without the use of a vehicle, but they usually all have bustling transportation networks that can be tricky to get to grips with. However, while it can be slightly frustrating to navigate without much assistance, it’s actually the fastest way to get around and you won’t need to rent a car or a bike to move around. If you’re going to be in one city for a long period of time, then it might be worth learning the maps, understanding where the buses and trains go and also purchasing a travel pass in order to save money.


Remember to carry cash


While most of Italy accepts cards, ATMs are abundant and you’ll get by with carrying cash as opposed to just plastic. Just remember to exchange as much money as possible at the airport to avoid the premium currency exchange fees that you might run into.