Paris’ Most Peculiar Museums


Paris is well-known for its culture with the likes of The Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and The Petit Palais all drawing in vast numbers of travelers each year. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paris’ museum.


Here are a few of the stranger cultural highlights you might want to take in when you next take a trip to Paris:


The Catacombs


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a museum in the normal sense, but it is one of the most peculiar Paris tours you can go on, and the Catacombs are pretty old, so it deserves a place on this list. Not one for the faint-hearted, the catacombs are comprised of a series of underground tunnels absolutely brimming with bones. You’ll be chilled, thrilled and blown away by the dark beauty of the amazing attraction.


Le Musée des Vampires


Staying with the dark theme, Le Musée des vampires is the perfect place to visit in the month of October when all things spooky are on your mind, but if you’re into oddities, it definitely won’t suck (see what I did there?) whenever you visit. The only vampire museum in the world, it’s quirky, informative and packed with Gothic features that will make you truly wonder whether there are vampires running around this planet after all.


Musée de la Poupée


This is a tiny private attraction which is both museum and doll hospital. It is home to one of the finest collections of, mostly French, dolls you’re ever likely to see, along ith some interest accessories and even animal companions including some very cute teddybears, It’s great for little girls and boys, but even adults will love wandering round the museum where you can even learn how to make dolls clothing!


Musée des Egouts


The Musée des Egouts is not an easy museum to visit, not because of the location or the opening hours, but because it is really smelly. You see the museum is dedicated to the underground sewer system that was originally built during Napoleon’s time. Like the Catacombs it’s underground, and it’s actually pretty interesting seeing how the sewerage system came to be, but make sure you go when the weather is fine because if there’s a lot of rain, it can be closed for safety reasons.


Musée du Vin


The Musée du Vin is quite unique in that it is made up of lots of interconnecting stone passages and vaulted cellars that were used by French monks in the 1300s for the purpose of producing wine. Many of the tunnels connect to the famous Notre Dame, but today, you can spend your time there sampling the excellent Château Labastidie wine.


Musée d’Histoire de la Médecine


This museum is dedicated to the history of medicine, and within its walls, you will find some of the most interesting, and often disturbing tools of the medical trade, many of which date as far back as Ancient Egypt. From embalming tools to autopsy instruments – you’ll find it all here.


Have fun widening your cultural horizons and indulging in oddities – Paris is the perfect place for it.

New Talk About Visiting New York


Let’s face it; NYC is the most iconic destination on the planet, and there are plenty of good reasons for this fact. As such, it is a city that sits atop millions of travel bucket lists while most past visitors can’t wait to get back. If you’re planning to take a bite out of life in the Big Apple this year, it’s vital that you make the most of it.


First and foremost, you no longer have to be limited to a weekend stay due to money and other commitments. Embrace the concept of digital nomadism, and it can be possible to spend time in NYC without sacrificing your earning power or annual leave. Alternatively, the city is home to a number of short-term work opportunities, including internships. This can be highly rewarding for young adults.


Of course, not everyone is going to take advantage of those opportunities for an extended stay, which is fine. In truth, there’s so much to see and do that even people who permanently live in the Big Apple won’t get to unlock every adventure. Consequently, cramming as many things into your short stay should be a priority at all times.


Accommodation is naturally a vital aspect. Aside from a comfortable stay, you need to be located in a good spot. Otherwise, you’ll either miss out on opportunities or waste most of the trip traveling through the city. The Park Manor Hotel is one place that provides the perfect platform, especially or solo adventurers. Even if you choose somewhere else, picking a good location is vital.



Starting and ending your day in style is essential for a productive time in New York. However, this is far from being the only area where a little planning and preparation works wonders. The City That Never Sleeps is home to incredible entertainment 365 days per year. With Telecharge Tickets, finding the best seats for the best shows at the best prices becomes easy. While there’s plenty to do without spending money in New York, those special occasions do inject an extra sense of magic.


This is a place where it would be possible to get lost for hours walking through the iconic streets and attractions while soaking in the culture. However, for a truly memorable experience, why not take it all in from another angle? Helicopter tours are readily available, and this is easily one of the best places in America to see from the sky. Even a 30-minute ride will feel like a lifetime’s worth of adventure.


Finally, anyone visiting New York should want to embrace the unique multicultural energy. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some of the latest big brand fashion trends. When it comes to food, however, ditch the known names for the local eats like Daniel’s, or Twist & Smash’d. You can always try the chain restaurants elsewhere.


Essentially, you want to try and experience as many new things as possible. Even down to the idea of combining yellow taxi rides with subway rides, those are the moments that will keep you smiling for years.



You Need A Once In A Lifetime Trip

While the #YOLO hashtag has been on most social media platforms form the best few years, it’s important to understand that there’s more than just a form of teenage rebellion behind it. Indeed, while some social media users have referred to You Live Only Once – aka the phrase behind the YOLO acronym – as an excuse to engage in stupid and sometimes deadly activities, there’s a deeper meaning to realizing that you have only one life. Embracing this reality means that you should demand more from your life, and consequently experience and discover more – emphasis on experiencing and not on taking unnecessary risks. As a result, there is nothing that encompasses the true purpose of YOLO than traveling to the discovery of new cultures, people and landscapes. Make YOLO the motto of your once in a lifetime trip, of that big travel dream that you refuse to acknowledge because you’re afraid of the costs, the time and the unknown.



It’s a big world, go out and explore

The world is a big and vast place. Why should you only know one country when there is so much to see? That’s precisely because there is so much going on and so many different mindsets, people and hopes that you need to leave your routine behind and broaden your horizon. For a once in a lifetime trip, you can pick a destination that you will change your perception of the world and yourself – in other words, you can forget your resort beach hotel holiday. Meteora in Greece is a landscape where incredible rock formations and man-made architecture meet. If you prefer a wildlife discovery trip, head to the Galapagos Islands where you can walk in the steps of the late Charles Darwin.


It’s a big world


Plan it

When it comes to a big trip, you need to take the time to organize it properly. For a start, more than half of travelers booking online have to pay additional fees to correct booking errors related to flights, airports and hotels. So taking a couple of extra minutes to check your booking can save you a lot of money. Additionally, big trips come at a price. Starting to plan early means that you can gather the necessary fundings, from looking at financing with the best personal loan rates to maximizing your savings. Besides, early bookers can benefit from significant discounts on their travel reservations!


Don’t let long journeys disturb you

Finally, it’s likely that your once in a lifetime trip will be some distance away. Don’t feel that the time you spend on your journey is wasted. Instead, try to make the most of it by creating an enjoyable journey. You could upgrade to a different class away from the crowded economic seats for instance. Or maybe you could switch your flight trip for a cruising journey, which offers more comfort. In short, the journey is what you make of it. As it’s part of your travel plans, you could, at least, appreciate it.


From You Live Only Once to booking the Travel Of A Lifetime, it’s a logical decision to make the most of your time on the planet. Enjoy every second of it: There is still beauty in the world for those who know where to look.


Find the Right Accomodation to Accomodate you

Deciding where to go on holiday is a big decision, but knowing what to stay in can make the difference between a good trip and a great one. Is it quiet or is it too quiet? Is it child-friendly or too child-friendly? Is it too expensive or is it lacking facilities? Knowing what your options are is the first step to ensuring you find the right place for the right reasons.



Pocket more at a hostel

If the word ‘hostel’ makes you picture bunk beds and sharing a room with a stranger, in some instances, you’re probably right. However hostels have moved on and you can now even get private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The downside is that hostels are full of noisy travellers, but if you’re up for some loud music, late night conversations and the odd party here and there, then why not get stuck in? For more ways to budget, take a look at Jessica Lippe’s ideas to help make your money go further.


Reserve luxury at a hotel

For those after a little more luxury, a hotel answers many people’s holiday needs. With all the amenities you need, such as a pool, TV, laundry service, airport transportation and food for whenever you need it, it offers a little extra comfort on your break away. Especially in hot countries, the air conditioning  alone is worth paying that little bit more for. For hotels that go above and beyond, take a look at these luxury resorts.


Be a guest

A guesthouse is usually an old building or large home that has been converted. There are only a few guest rooms, some with their own bathrooms on the site, so if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, but don’t want to be too secluded, this could be the one for you. Cheston House is a prime example of quality on your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a simple guest room, or an apartment-style room with a kitchen fully-equipped to cook a dinner party to remember, it has everything you need from sunrise to sunset and beyond.


Lovely lodges

If you want a little luxury in a remote area, a lodge could be the perfect place for you. Slightly dearer than other types of accommodation, to often compensate for the unique settings, lodges will help you feel at home with nature, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your creature comforts.


The campsite pitch

Many people will have swiftly moved on to the next option by now, as the thought of not having a bed or wardrobe and having to share a bathroom and kitchen with someone sends a shiver down their spine. However, camping is by far the cheapest way to stay. Plus, if you love the great outdoors, the wonderful smell of fresh country air is just a zip away!

have some great advice on tents, from large ones suitable for camping with the family, to smaller ones for those on the go.


Ultimately, whatever you choose shouldn’t make or break your holiday, but if you do remember to put some time in to planning carefully, your next holiday could be the one trip you never forget.

Feeling Comfortable When Travelling Alone

Travelling alone is fantastic. You get to go where you want, in your own time, trying whatever you feel like without having to worry about what other people want or like. It’s enlightening and liberating; it’ll help you to grow as a person and learn more than you’d ever thought possible, about yourself and the world around you. But, there’s one thing that can be tough. Getting over that feeling of fear, or anxiety that can hold you back. Not feeling comfortable on your own can make the whole trip feel uneasy and not quite right. Here are some tips to help you settle and enjoy yourself.


Talk to People


Many new travellers avoid making contact with anyone, out of fear. Getting past this is the first step to feeling comfortable on your own. As a society, we’re not very good at speaking with strangers. We share our lives with them on Facebook, but we can’t say hi to one on the bus. So, of course, speaking to strangers in a strange land is going to feel, well, strange. But, it’s not as bad as you think. Often locals are keen to talk to tourists, they like showing off their hometown, and they are certainly no more dangerous than people back home. Learn to trust your instincts.


It could make you feel more comfortable if you start making conversation with people you don’t know back home, before heading off on your trip. Say hi to someone in the street or strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in a waiting room. It gets easier the more you do it.


Stay Safe


The best way to feel comfortable when you are on your own is knowing that you are doing everything that you can to stay safe. Research your destination online before you go, so you know what it’s like and if there are any areas best avoided. Make sure you are staying in safe accommodation, and that you protect all of your belongings. Use a credit card, which will be insured, for large expenses. Using the best airline miles credit card can even mean you get cheaper flights in the future. Carry a personal alarm and use it when you need to. Always be vigilant, make sure you know how to get help, wherever you are, and once again, trust your instincts. This might sound daunting, but you really are in no more danger abroad than you are at home, it just never hurts to take care. Once you’ve been travelling for a while, it will be second nature.


Jump Right in


Putting off your trip because you are worried and anxious won’t help you to get over these nerves. It’ll just mean that you miss out on a fantastic opportunity. Instead, jump in. Learn as much as you can, read advice and tips, and speak to other travellers. Get the appropriate insurance and kit yourself out with anything you need to help you feel safe. Then, get going. You’ll soon be having that much fun that you’ve forgotten any fears or worries.

Best US Remote Travel In 2018

The Grand Canyon National Park is 277 river miles long, 18 miles wide, and one mile deep


Sometimes all we want to do is get away from civilisation and get closer to nature, as this will bring us greater peace of mind and quiet. 2017 has for some been a hectic year, and if on top of work, you also have children to look after, this might have proven tricky to balance with your professional responsibilities.


If you have made predictions that the year at hand will be more relaxing than the last one and you acknowledge that from time to time you owe it to yourself to have some downtime, then this is the perfect moment to be reading this post. In it, we explain what the best remote travel spots are for you to travel to in the US this year.


The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Located in Arizona, The Grand Canyon National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The park’s main feature is the renowned Grand Canyon, a ravine of the Colorado River, which is one of the Wonders of the World. Its colourful mountains date back to Precambrian times, and the beauty of its surroundings make this American spot one of the most visited destinations both in the country and in the world. If you would like to relax while you enjoy some of the most breathtaking views our planet has to offer, visit The Grand Canyon National Park this year.


Clarksville, Indiana


Chances are you will probably not have heard of this small town in Indiana. According to the 2010 census, its population was a mere 22,000. However, this is the oldest American town in the Northwest Territory. Being home to one of the largest clocks in the world and the Falls of the Ohio State Park, you can probably imagine why we suggest you take a break in this beautiful destination. Located close to the Indiana-Kentucky border, Clarksville has many historical sites you can explore. Due to its ideal location, Louisville is also a few miles away if you decide to wear your best party gear and hit the town! The Best Western Green Tree Inn will cater for your accommodation needs in style.


Hartford, Connecticut


You might be familiar with Gilmore Girls, the series that stole many people’s hearts back in 2000. If you are then chances are you could recognise this small town in Connecticut as Hartford is supposed to be a half an hour’s drive away from Stars Hollow, the fictional town that was created for the purpose of the show. The capital of Connecticut, its population is only in the hundred thousand and its district of Wethersfield will blow you away with the hundreds of pre-civil war homes that are concentrated in the area. Take a trip to Hartford to experience downtime like no other and to relax with the friendly locals that inhabit this beautiful and mysterious town.

The Best Cities In Canada


As a site dedicated to Toronto, we’ve obviously talked a lot about all the incredible things going on in this city. But what about the rest of this great country? Canada has so many other cities that offer wonderful things (not as many wonderful things as Toronto, obviously). Still, there’s no saying that you have to visit one city and not the others. Experience everything this beautiful northern land has to offer. Here are some of the best cities in Canada and the things you should do whilst visiting them.



Can you imagine if we hadn’t included Toronto on this list? Obviously, it’s the best city Canada has to offer. I would have mentioned it at the end of the article because they say you should “save the best for last” but I didn’t want to waste any time. As pointed out in the introduction, we’ve discussed many of the great things going on in Toronto throughout this site’s history but you might still need some persuading to visit this beautiful city. I’ve no idea why you’d need additional persuasion, but I’m happy to oblige.


Start off by experiencing some of the beautiful dining options in the city center. Toronto really does have some amazing restaurants. We’ve mentioned Le Dîner en Blanc in another article on this website but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s an entirely unique dining experience that requires guests to bring a table, two white chairs, and a white tablecloth. It sounds mad and that’s because it is. But it’s worth it for both the social experience and the amazing food and alcohol on offer. You should also stay at the Knights Inn in Toronto if you’re planning on staying for a few days in the city (which you should) to really experience both the daytime events and the vibrant nightlife. Beyond those suggestions, you really need to experience Toronto for yourself and make your own plans; there are endless things to do here.


Quebec City.

Canada is a country with a lot of history and cultural influence. If you really want to experience this to the fullest extent then you need to visit Quebec City. Given its French heritage, this is a city that proudly displays its influence from Europe in terms of architecture and language, obviously. You should head to the hill overlooking St. Lawrence River to get a real feel for the rich and fascinating story behind this great city. If you head through this old district then you’ll see the marvelous Citadel and the Place-Royale (a historic place in which Samuel de Champlain established France’s place in Canadian history).



Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. Can you guess which is the first? Whilst no Canadian city can quite top Toronto, Montreal certainly comes close and offers a lot of unique characteristics that tourists love. Its architecture is beautiful in both a modern sense and a classic sense. The contemporary skyline, including the soaring skyscraper known as Olympic Tower, is a sight to behold, but the historic buildings in Old Montreal are stunning in a very traditional way. This is a city which proudly displays its timeline. It takes you on a journey.