Chinatown in Thailand.


    When I was just a little dumpling, I met Wanlop. He came from Bangkok to Flagstaff to attend University and my parents welcomed him to our home and lives. He always called me “Crasey” which I thought was brilliant. So imagine my surprise to reunite with him some 16 years later. Wanlop was an amazing guide, showing and educating me on so much about Thailand and Bangkok.

Wanlop and I. We havent aged a bit

Wanlop and I. We havent aged a bit

One of my favorite outings with Wanlop was to Chinatown for a street food feast. Chinatown was booming with energy and excitement. The buzzing of tuk-tuks whirred past me as I took in the strange and sensational smells of what would come to be the most delicious food to have touched my mouth. Can I say that having a local with you is the best decision you can make in adventuring? (is that a word?) He knew what was good, what costs what and where to go. My uncle strongly advised me against any street food, while his diet consists 100% of Subway Sandwiches. I am so glad I dont take most advice because something in me changed that night as I sweat from the tongue scorching chili sauce sitting on a small plastic chair as a mangey dog ate scraps beneath me. This was the most astonishingly flavorful meal I would ever experience. Nothing would be the same.Image


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