Sunsets, Sunrises and Bus Trips – Hervey to Airlie

Among many other magical things, Queensland seems to have 2 major highlights. Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.  In Hervey Bay I looked at tours, talked to travelers and decided it would be most practical to only choose one. Fraser has a big focus on wild dingoes and 4WD vehicles, and while I do love wild dogs, I’m not overly into speeding vehicles. Sailing sounded way better.

After having to kill 10 hours in Hervey after checkout I met a girl at the bus station. She was American, actually she was from “the valley” in Los Angeles, I will nickname her Ashley. I try to enjoy people’s company, despite differences but something about her just seemed off. She was quite unphased by Australia and really talented at complaining – but she did give me a free slice of her pizza so I thought I’d continue to give her a chance.

The journey was a hefty 540 miles, and 12 hours overnight where, in order to give the driver some rest, we had a few service stops where we had to leave the bus for 30 minutes at the worst hours possible.

That was a bad decision on my part after taking a legally prescribed travel Valium. The only way to force myself through the mental haze was by eating Milo scoop shakes and listen to gangster rap at maximum volume. Though it really wasn’t bad to see the sunrise from a servo in who knows where Australia.

We arrived into Airlie Beach, the departure point for the Whitsundays sailing trips. Feeling a bit drowsy and anti-social I decided to intentionally go to a different hostel than Ashley.

Airlie Beach was very small but beautiful. Wild Cockatoos screeched wildly soaring across the sky and would climb right up on your arm if you had the right food. I lazed around most of the day then walked to the beach for the Sunset.


I sat on the sand in a lagoon and listened to Alt-J’s album “This is all yours.” There couldn’t possibly be more appropriate music for what I was witnessing before me. The Rainbow Lorikeets created a charming commotion in the trees overhead as the pink and orange sky reflected on the water, sailboats scattered the horizon sending me into a really good mindspace. Then someone came and tapped on my shoulder ruining my moment. Who was it? Ashley, of course.

“Oh Hey, this Sunset is so great isnt it?”

Then guess what she said. She said

“ehhhhh its okay I guess… Ive seen better *shrug*”

EWWW WHO WAS THIS GIRL? Did her parents just give her a bunch of money to go be internationally miserable?

She then told me what sailing trip she was going on and I made a mental note to get stuck with her for 3 days at sea, because no one wants to end up in a foreign prison, not me especially.

I slithered away and back to my hostel where our team annihilated Trivia Night and won a bottle of Champagne.


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