City Tripping: 4 Reasons why Dehli is an Epic City to Add to your List

If you are thinking of planning a trip to India, then Delhi is one of the top places on the list. As the country’s capital, it would be like going to England and not visiting London. It is just a must! But what is there to do there? Is it a viable tourist option? I’ll explore some of what there is to do there and then you can decide for yourself. You might have heard of Delhi for various reasons. You might have heard of it for the food and the festivals, or even for the political reasons. Whatever the reason, there is more to Delhi than meets the eye.




The History


Though the city has become quite metropolitan, there is still plenty of the country’s original history there. So for anyone interested in history, or interested in historic sites, it is a great place to visit. The sites are well preserved and will take you back to the time, whenever you are there. You could visit the Red fort, tombs and Qutub Minar and the India Gate. The latter is the pride of Delhi so is pretty much a must see. It was built as a memorial for the over 90,000 soldiers that lost their lives in the first World War. One of the best ways to travel around the city is the metro (hello air conditioning)! So just check beforehand where the closest metro stations are, to the attractions that you want to visit. Googling ‘India gate nearest metro station’, for example, is a quick and easy way to plan your trip.


The Food


If you have chosen to visit India, then the chances are that you have an interest in Indian food. You have probably had a westernised version of it, though. So being able to have some authentic Indian food is a dream. Look for restaurants that serve classic dishes like butter chicken or kadai paneer. There are plenty of markets and street side food stops. Just be careful when you buy from these places. They are cheaper but they be washing their hands with contaminated water. It could increase the chance of getting sick when you are away. So just use your common sense and you’ll be fine.




The Fun


You might not think of Dehli as having lots of fun things to do. But just like any city, it really does! There are attractions and festivals that come and go throughout the year. So look those up beforehand. There are plenty of good shops and restaurants, as well as good bars and sports clubs. So you can still enjoy plenty of entertainment, thrown in amongst the history of the place.


The People

I think Dehli has a bit of a reputation for having people that are a little unfriendly. The truth is, you can get people like that everywhere. There are plenty of friendly and welcoming people to the city. You will be sure to meet a huge variety when you are there. On the whole, they are cheery, helpful and well dressed.

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