Perfect Paths: Your Guide To The Ultimate Camping Trip



You don’t have to be Bear Grylls or go completely off the grid for months on end to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. Discover something new in your local area, spend a wi-fi free weekend with friends just catching up, or enjoy a relaxed family vacation while sleeping out under the stars. Overall, your camping trip’s success will depend on a few things including how much preparation you do. There’s no point hiking five hours through a national park only to get stung by a bee, then realize you’ve forgotten to pack the bite and sting cream is there?


Pick A Really Good Spot

Camp Spot in Clacier National Park

There are two types of campsite, and each of them have their positive and negative points. You can either stay at a campground which will have basic electricity, often off a generator, standard bathrooms and some laundry facilities. Or, if you fancy doing more things yourself, you can choose to set up camp in a more primitive location. However, bear in mind you’ll have no running water, bathroom facilities or even electricity if you choose this option and you may need a permit.


Decide On Your Menu

Camping isn’t like ordering at a restaurant nor is it like wandering into your kitchen and making yourself a snack. Cooking facilities will be severely limited if you’re in a primitive spot and campfires aren’t always allowed nor are they always hot enough to cook thick meat. You’ll need healthy, nutritious meals that aren’t complicated to prepare or take too long to cook but that’ll give you plenty of energy at the same time. Don’t forget if you’re hiking you’ll have to carry everything you bring so you’ll need to limit your weight so carry only necessary tin cups and plates.You’ll soon get tired of burgers so may sure you vary your menu, as well as bringing plenty of snacks and airtight tins in which to store leftovers. For more tips on keeping all your food safe from animals then visit


Look At Activities On Offer


Check out your campsite beforehand to see what there is to do there as you may change your mind and pick a different location after. Campgrounds often have on site facilities such as games rooms, tennis courts, and even swimming pools as well as mountain bike hire and numerous nature trails. If you’re off the beaten track, you may have to get more creative by rigging up a jump swing over the river, checking the depth first of course, or having a raft building competition or karaoke sing off!


Get Scribbling


Camping trips require each participant to be organized, on the ball and prepared if an emergency situation arises. Break down your supplies into manageable chunks, using separate sections for food, sleeping bags, clothes, first aid kit, hiking gear, and tent accessories then make sure that you double check everything before you leave. If you’re traveling in a group delegate a section to each person a few days before leaving. Let them know that they’re responsible for collecting and gathering up the items in their section.




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