Festival Fever: Must-Have Items For Practical Party Goers

Summer music festivals are awesome, right? Whether you’re relaxing in Slottsfjell, Norway’s chilled out love-in, dancing your socks off in a field beside Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage or heading to the sunny shores of Eastern Europe for Sziget, Hungary’s wicked island beach party!

A Sturdy Waterproof Tent


Festivals in Europe tend to be a little more raucous than what you may be used to so when you need to sleep tents are vital. You’re looking for a large, but not too large, durable and easy to put up tent with various zips, lockable entrances, and a good solid ground sheet. No matter which festival you’re headed for don’t count on good weather, even Glastonbury, England’s infamous festival has had several very muddy years so you need to have waterproof everything.Tents can vary in price so when you’re shopping for a large camping tent select one that suits your budget too. A family size one with new windbreakers, built in living area and a canopy is far too big!


Toilet Roll


Toilet roll and other such items like dry shampoo, showers are rare, baby wipes, toothpaste, deodorant and extra underwear are necessities. When you’re on an island, ten rows deep into the campsite or in the middle of a heaving, partying crowd you can’t just run to the supermarket. Grab yourself some travel toiletries, full size just takes up space, and make sure you ration your loo paper because by the festival’s end loo roll will be like gold dust, people will be trading for food, drinks and even spare toothbrushes for it.


Foreign money jar


Local Maps And Currency


Do you have a plan for when the music stops? When festivals finish, there’s usually a stampede for the nearest train station, metro or even boat back to the mainland. Avoid getting stranded by packing a phrase book, local map, your phone will be long dead, and a few additional notes that’ll see you back to civilization or if all else fails will let you take a taxi straight to the airport.


my ticket for v 2008


Your Tickets


Believe it or not, not everyone who goes to music festivals, especially week long ones, has a valid ticket. Lots of festival goers will instead try to jump the barriers, sneak in the back or even illegally cross the border to avoid paying the, strangely reasonable, entrance fee. This is incredibly stupid and could see you being cautioned by the police, or even locked up in a foreign jail overnight so make sure you buy, and then pack, official tickets. In some countries, you may need to pay an extra ten euros for campsite entry, randomly be asked to show your ID or even have a sniffer dog search you for drugs.

Taste of Hamburger Festival
Edible Food


The last thing you want at a music festival is to have to visit the toilet block more than you need to. Avoid any dodgy burgers, or suspect hot dogs and take your own canned, packet and chilled food along with a small cool bag. Buying bottled water on site will cost you so, if it’s allowed, try to take as much as you can in yourself.

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