A few days in Bangkok

I was shocked by such negative comments regarding Bangkok in all the travel guide books. They all disregarded Bangkok as a “city that you will be happy to leave.” Clearly they have never been to Los Angeles. During my time in Bangkok I found myself swirling in a plethora of magic. Strange Malls, good eats, tons to explore and a bit too much drinking.

My uncle Charlie lives in Bangkok, so I spent my days in his hood, Sukhuvit Soi 4, a street of bars, street food and plenty of ladies for hire and ladyboys that had you awestruck at their feminine beauty. My uncle, who isn’t actually my uncle in hereditary terms retired in Bangkok just a year ago. He has made himself quite the life of little to no responsibilities besides going to the gym and drinking with his motley crew of expat buddies.

I felt a little worn down after just 3 days there, because apparently men in their 60s can party harder than me.

Here are some highlights:

Booze Cruise with Old Dudes ;)

Booze Cruise with Old Dudes πŸ˜‰

A visit to the aquarium in Siam Paragon

A visit to the aquarium in Siam Paragon

Uncle Charlie and I

Uncle Charlie and I [/caption

Street Food, Street Food and more Street Food. Street Food, Street Food and more Street Food.

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  1. I’m not ashamed to admit the thing I love most about Bangkok is Chatuchak. πŸ™‚ Bangkok can be hot and chaotic but it’s not such a bad city. I loved taking the boats, instead of cabs. And the temples were really beautiful. πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you, and happy travels!

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