A Girl’s Guide To Visiting Africa Solo

If you love solo travel, you’ve probably got a long list of places that you’d love to visit. Traveling solo is wonderful; it can teach you so much about yourself, and be a completely unique experience to traveling with another person. However, you need to make sure that you remain as safe as possible. Some people worry that a place like Africa isn’t suitable for solo female travelers, but they’re wrong! This girl’s guide to visiting Africa solo will open your eyes and give you some invaluable tips:



Decide Where You Want To Go

There are a total of 54 countries in Africa, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to where to go. Cape Town is a great start, as it’s an easy place to backpack for solo travelers. Malawi and Zambia are also welcoming to female travelers on a holiday in Africa, so you could start there and see where you end up. There are plenty of sample itineraries online. Remember, one way tickets give you more freedom.


Prepare Yourself

You need to make sure you’re prepared for your trip to Africa alone. Have your vaccinations, and ensure your finances are in order. Speak with your bank in advance so your card doesn’t get cancelled while you’re out there. You also need to know the fees and ideally find a card that doesn’t have fees at all – this can add up to hundreds if you withdraw money each week. Add someone back home that you trust to your account (only if you really trust them) so they can speak to the bank for you if something goes wrong with your account.


Make Friends

You’ll meet some of the kindest people in Africa. Backpackers usually link up with other backpackers, so be prepared to make friends. You will still increase your independence, so don’t worry about that. Just know that if you’re sitting  alone you’ll always be invited to sit with a group!  


Bear in mind that in certain areas different views are held, so you may get some curiosity directed at you from locals.


Take An Unlocked Phone With You

Taking an unlocked phone means you can buy a sim out there and easily stay in touch with those you need to. You should also download apps that can help you on your travels before you arrive, just in case you can’t find wi-fi strong enough out there. Apps like Google Maps, Translate, and Skype could be invaluable.


Dress Appropriately

Making sure you dress appropriately will help you to avoid unwanted attention. Avoid short skirts and very bright clothing, especially in muslim countries. Do your research beforehand!


Slow Down And Enjoy It Properly

Don’t try to rush from place to place and miss out on things as you go. Enjoy each place properly by slowing down and taking it all in. Your trip will be far more meaningful this way.


Are you going to take the plunge and visit Africa solo? Leave your thoughts below!


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