A Journey Of A Thousand Steps: Preparing For A Trekking Vacation

Is there a better way to spend the autumn and winter months than battling Mother Nature? The majority people prefer a beach when they vacation in the winter, but that’s no fun. The adrenaline and awe which fills your body when you turn up at the bottom of a mountain are better than a sun lounger and a pina colada. However, you can’t turn up with a dollar and dream and hope for the best. A trekking vacation requires preparation; otherwise, you and your body are going to be in for a shock.



Don’t worry, though, because Traveling In Heels has you covered. Below is what you need to prepare for a holiday in the wilderness.


All The Gear But No Idea


A pair of shorts and a couple of t-shirts aren’t going to cut the mustard. On a trek, specialist equipment is essential if you want to make it to the top without dying! Unfortunately, high street stores don’t sell the quality of gear which a person needs to get through the holiday. The good news is that Practical Travel Gear has lots of info and reviews which will come in handy. As a rule, a windbreaker with Gore-Tex technology is essential, as are a pair of walking boots. Don’t forget a refillable water bottle as well as waterproofs in case the weather turns.


Walk The Walk


An adventure holiday is not a typical vacation where you spend most of the time relaxing. From day one to the day you fly back, it will be exhausting and demanding. There is no way to get around this fact because even the fittest people are out of breath on a trek. Still, the healthier you are, the less toll it will take over the course of the vacation. Training is a must, as is eating and drinking healthily. Yes, that means cutting out junk food and alcohol and exercising multiple times a week.



The Gait Of Fate


Speaking of walking, you may be doing it incorrectly. Walking is such a fundamental activity that it seems impossible to get wrong. However, lots of people have gait defects which don’t distribute weight properly when they move. Going from the couch to the kitchen and back isn’t going to hurt, but walking tens of miles a day will. The key is to first check your posture by doing the “wet foot” test and then to buy boots with the correct support. It doesn’t hurt to walk in new kicks before trekking for the first time, either.


Packing Power Bars


Water is essential when you are in the middle of nowhere, but so is food. Without the right provisions, your body won’t have the energy to make it to the end of the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three most important meals of the day but don’t forget to snack. A power bar has enough energy and sugar to give the muscles an adrenaline boost. So, stocking up on healthy snacks before you fly is crucial.


One final thing: have a fantastic time! Trekking is an excellent way to see the world in all its beauty.


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