Achieving Freedom In Australia: The Best Ways To Travel

Most people have freedom in mind when planning a trip to Australia. There’s a good reason this country is such a hotspot for gap year backpackers and explorers galore. Its incredible terrain and endless possibilities make it the perfect place to let loose. Plus, the lack of a language barrier ensures you can get around without too much trouble. Or, does it?


Australia is a big place, and if you want to see its true potential, you’ll have no choice but to find method of transport. Bear in mind that the distance between, say, Adelaide and Sydney, is a whopping 15 hours. While backpacking may seem well and good, that’s not a distance anyone could walk.

So, how can you achieve the freedom to see Australia in its full glory? There are a few options, and we’re going to look at some here. During your research, you’ll see that flight is often the most recommended course, and with the distances mentioned above, it’s easy to see why. But, we’re going to steer away from that idea. We can’t all afford to hop on a plane, after all. Instead, we’re going to focus on some of the cheaper options available.


Okay, buses aren’t exactly what you had in mind when we mentioned freedom of travel. But, you may well have to succumb sometimes. Bear in mind that, while buses are cheap on the more popular East Coast, they could set you back in a major way on the West Coast. Make sure to do your research. And, don’t think that you’re trapped to public transport options, either. If you want to travel long haul, booking up with a company like Greyhound Australia is your best bet.



Hire Car


If complete freedom is your aim, why not get yourself a hire car? Those staying in areas such as Adelaide could head to nearby Glenelg, and hire a small car Glenelg style. And, there are similar services dotted across the East Coast. Though you could be looking at some hefty driving times, you do get the benefit of being able to stop along your way. So, this may be best for those who want the freedom to explore areas they’re passing through. When you aren’t on anyone else’s time scale, the distances may not seem like a problem.


Taxi Services

If you’re only planning to stay within a particular area, you could turn to reliable taxi services instead. By downloading apps like Uber or GoCatch, you can ensure yourself a cab from anywhere. Prices should be relatively modest for small journeys, and this saves you having to worry. Bear in mind, though, that this is not a cost effective method for those long haul trips we spoke about above.

The best option is sure to vary depending on your journey needs. Take some time to consider the distances you’ll be traveling, and how much each option would cost. You should be able to tell easily which is the best fit for you.

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