Adventure Holidays for the Wild Amongst Us

When we think of vacations, we often think of sun, sea and sand. A couple of weeks lounging about the beach, sipping cool drinks and basking in the sun’s rays. But what about those of us who are filled with energy? The people who want to see parts of the world that few others have experienced? The ones who get a kick out of adrenaline rushes and extreme experiences? Well, not to worry. There are still plenty of options available for those of us who are brave at heart. Read on for some of the best adventure holidays that you could wish to go on!



Galapagos Islands


If you’re a fan of animals and fancy some of the best wildlife encounters that the world has to offer, then perhaps you should consider visiting the Galapagos Islands. Famed for leaving a lasting impression on Charles Darwin and allowing him to create his theory on the origin of species, the islands are host to all sorts of wondrous natural beauty. Though relatively small, the island is host to numerous habitats, including lava fields, volcanic craters, mangrove lagoons and bizarre cactus forests. With such an array of habitats, the land is home to a huge variety of wildlife. Expect to see sea lions, turtles, sharks and rays alongside exotic birds with enchanting courting rituals and brightly coloured feathers.




If you’re an adrenaline junkie who can’t get enough of extreme days out, Colorado may be the way to go. Experience an alternative side to Colorado by scaling its mountain peaks, biking off road trails, soaring through the skies on tree top zip lines and rafting through its white water rapids. The Next Adventure Company Colorado Adventures allows you to take part in all of these activities while sorting out the dull parts for you. They will provide you with an itinerary as soon as you arrive, with all of the activities you could wish for packed into a four-day extravaganza. We’d advise booking an extra couple of days holiday for your return home, as you’ll be short of energy after all of the fun entailed in this getaway.


Austrian Tyrol


Many of us enjoy active holidays, but at a slower pace than those previously mentioned. Does this describe you? Well, your perfect holiday could be a trekking or walking holiday. This way you get to experience areas that are off the beaten track at a more palatable pace. An ideal location? The Austrian Tyrol. Make your base the tranquil village of Achenkirch and allow yourself plenty of time to stroll along the valley which surrounds Tyrol’s largest lake. The walks are moderately challenging, with astounding views of the lake’s blue waters and luscious green scenery. You will also have the opportunity to taste unique, delicious local cuisine along the way. Perfect!


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For the foodies amongst us, one of the most ideal destinations is India. Home to some of the most beautiful local cuisine imaginable, the country will keep you occupied with its authentic street food, curries and huge array of unique herbs and spices. Check out bustling local markets and renowned restaurants.


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