American Road Trip Nightmares You Must Avoid

Traveling around the world is a fantastic experience, but for those on a budget or who lack the confidence to leave the country, one good way of testing your travel mettle is to take an American road trip. It’s a fantastic way of seeing this great nation in all its glory, and you will experience every kind of landscape, scenery, and local culture you can imagine. That said, there are plenty of drawbacks to a road trip that you need to be aware of – particularly if you are a little green around the ears when it comes to traveling. Let’s take a look at the American road trip nightmares you should plan to avoid.



Broken cars


First, an obvious – but often overlooked – point. Your vehicle is the single most important thing with regards to your road trip. Take your own, and you will add a significant amount of mileage to it, run it to its maximum capacity, and there’s every chance of experiencing a breakdown. Make sure you get a thorough inspection before taking off, and always keep an eye on your gas, oil, and water levels. You might be better off spending money on hiring a car – rental companies tend to offer breakdown cover and replacement cars, and your own vehicle won’t take a beating on your trip!




Driving long distances can really take it out of you – especially if you aren’t used to the experience. Make sure you are getting enough rest so that you are fresh enough to keep alert and avoid sleeping behind the wheel or accidents. You’ll also need to plan your evenings well in advance, to ensure you have somewhere to put your head down – which we are going to go into a little deeper right now.


Hotel stays


It can be tempting to go off the beaten track a little and try out local B&Bs, motels, and hotels to experience something different. But it is also a gamble. If you are tired and just looking for somewhere to rest your head for night stops, it’s often a good idea to go with what you know. Simply put, something like the Best Western Wichita North hotel & suites are going to offer the same kind of experience like the ones you find from California to New Jersey. It’s a great way to save time in your planning, and you will know exactly what to expect for every stop. Not only that, of course, but it is more likely you will avoid any potential nightmare stays in one of the dingy, strange, and slightly unkempt hotels this nation has to offer!




Finally, always – and I mean ALWAYS – plan ahead when it comes to your routes. Unfamiliar roads can be fun, but take a wrong turn here or there, and you can end up disoriented and in the middle of nowhere. It’s not so much of a problem if you are traveling city to city, but imagine yourself lost on a hot day in the middle of the Nevada Desert? Rather you than me…


Hope this helps you avoid many of the potential problems you will experience on an American road trip. Have fun, stay safe – and good luck!


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