Being Whisked Away For The Weekend? Here’s How To Pack Smart


Whether your partner is whisking you away for Valentine’s Day or you just have a mini break planned over the next few weeks, packing for a shorter trip can be a struggle. On one hand, you don’t need as much stuff, but on the other, it can be difficult knowing exactly what to bring so that you have everything you need. You don’t want to bring your entire wardrobe with you if you’re only away for a few days! Here are some tips to bear in mind before you start packing.



First things first, you need a suitable case to pack everything in! For a weekend away using a small hand luggage sized case is a good choice. That way there’s no waiting around in baggage claim or the hassle of your case potentially going missing. You can pop it in the overhead compartment then when you arrive at your destination you’re ready to go. Make sure it fit’s the size and weight specification for hand luggage. You can find all kinds of information on different cases on a site like Luggage on Tour.



If you don’t know exactly what you’re going to be doing on your trip, your best bet is to pack a couple of versatile items. Creating a mini capsule wardrobe is one idea. A plain dress for example could be worn with a pair of heels and a statement necklace for evening wear, or with a pair of flats, leggings and a cardigan for sightseeing during the day. This way you don’t need to pack lots of different outfits as the pieces you do bring can multitask. It’s much easier to pack a few accessories than entirely separate outfits. Makeup can also change how an outfit looks, a bright red for example can dress up a plain outfit for the evening. So pack smart when it comes to makeup too.



Once you’ve decided on your outfits, choosing footwear should be much easier. This takes up a significant amount of space and adds weight to your case so choose carefully. If you’re planning on a fancy evening or two out, pick one pair of heels that will work with both outfits. For daytime, if you’ll be doing a lot of walking choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive. The last thing you want is blisters and aching feet spoiling your trip!



For a week or fortnight away it’s easy to justify bringing full-sized bottles of shampoo, skincare products. Perfume, sun cream and other essentials. But if you’re just away for the weekend, you can most definitely save space on these things. Instead, have a route through all of the samples you own. Most of us have a drawer or basket full of these things, trial sized or sachets of products. With one or two applications they’re perfect for weekends away. Alternatively, buy travel sized products when you’re shopping for your trip. You save space and still have plenty to last you while you’re away.



Do you have any packing tips for mini breaks or weekends away?


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