Borderline Genius Camping Tricks (For Those That Would Rather Glamp)

We all know that camping can be a real chore sometimes, especially if you’re trying to put your tent up in the rain or the temperature is below freezing. But now, thanks to a bunch of people who want to turn camping into something a little more glamorous, we’re seeing new products hit the market that look set to transform the way we spend nights under the stars. Check out these ideas.

Use Foam Floor Tiles

What’s the worst thing about sleeping and living in a tent? Probably the hard floor. Well, now there’s a solution. There’s no need to suffer hard ground underfoot anymore. Just use foam tiles. These tiles clip together at the edges, a little bit like a jigsaw, allowing campers to transform their groundsheets into something that feels a little more like home.

Make An Instant Lantern

Another big problem with camping is trying to figure out how to keep a tent lit. Instead of fiddling about, trying to tie a torch to the roof of the tent, make yourself an instant lantern instead.

It’s a very simple idea. Grab a head torch with an elasticated band and wrap it around a thick, plastic milk carton, filled with water. Turn the torch so that it faces inwards towards the milk carton and turn it on. The water inside the carton will scatter the light from the torch, giving the same lighting effect as a lantern.

Bed Down On Air With A Two-Person Sleeping Bag

Air beds are a phenomenal thing, especially when camping. Nothing does more to improve the quality of your sleep and prepare you for the next day. Many of the air beds that you can buy today are doubles, which is good news if you’re traveling with a partner. But what about sleeping bags? Aren’t they all meant for just a single occupant? No, actually. Now you can get two-person sleeping bags to go with your two-person airbed, making sleeping arrangements surprisingly similar to what they are back home.

Make Travel Coffee Bags

If you want a quick way to make a coffee out of fresh grounds, try this idea. Grab some coffee filters, dental floss, and ground coffee. Then take a scoop of ground coffee and pour it in the center of the coffee filter. Wrap the coffee filter around the coffee and tie it up at the end with some dental floss. When you’re ready for a coffee break, just whip out the bag and let it brew in boiling water, just as you would a regular tea bag.

Make Your Own Single Use Soap

If you’ve got a block of soap, but don’t want the whole thing to get wet and make the rest of the stuff in your washbag slimy, then try making your own single use soap. It’s easy to do. All you need is a regular vegetable peeler and a block of soap. Run the peeler along the edge of the soap to make individual soap leaves. You can then use these leaves when you hit the shower, keeping the rest of your soap dry.

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