Camping WIth Non-Campers: How To Help Them Love It

I’ve always loved camping – it’s an excellent way of see the world and costs the fraction of the price of a hotel vacation. Not to mention the fact that I remember many of my camping trips a lot more than a bog-standard resort break.


However, I do understand that many people out there don’t feel the same way, and some cannot think of anything worse than pitching up a tent and sleeping on nature’s doorstep. And when it comes to arranging a camping breakaway, it’s these people who are the hardest to please,. Even when you persuade them to come, they can often spend the entire trip away either in abject fear or in endless moaning mode.


The good news is there are a few things you can do to help these non-campers enjoy the experience a lot more – perhaps even love it! Here’s my guide to organizing a camping trip to ensure everyone has a great time – including the non-campers.



Choose a site with good bathrooms


I’ll be honest, it’s always hard to persuade the camping haters to join you on a trip to the wilderness. You are far better off going down the campsite route, and choose one which has plenty of facilities and is a little closer in nature to a hotel experience. The one key area to check out is the bathroom facilities – it’s always the biggest complaint from non-campers. Are there clean showers and washing facilities? Are the toilets acceptable, modern, and well-maintained, rather than just a hole in the ground?


Buy a better tent


Many non-campers fail to realize just how amazing modern tents are. Their memories of camping 15-20 years ago are likely to involve a tatty, tiny tent full of holes – so bring them along and show them what’s on offer. If you go to this site here, you’ll see that there is a huge array of tents, all of which have unique features. And, you could even go down the glamping route with a bell tent or teepee which adds that extra layer of comfort.


Invest in camping beds


Another big complaint from non-campers is that they are always too uncomfortable to sleep at night. If I’m honest, I totally understand this point – a perfect night’s sleep when camping is a rare thing indeed, especially if you suffer from back problems. However, there are plenty of solutions. Inflatable mattresses are a reasonable starting point, and sleeping bag pads offer a comfortable layer to sleep on. There are some incredible camping beds out there if you are willing to splash the cash, too – camping cots and airbeds are all viable options.


Eat – and drink – well


Finally, if someone isn’t well fed and watered, they are going to complain about everything all the time. So, always bring enough food to eat plenty of healthy and tasty foods while camping. The difference a full stomach can make to a bad mood is amazing – and there are some incredible camping recipes out there that you – and your non-camping friends – will love.


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