El Tunco – El Salvador

Ok, so it wasn’t an in your face, knife to the neck type of robbery or anything, it was actually quite petty. Keenan and I jumped in the ocean for a bit, and bam, like that, someone stole his prescription sunglasses, our hotel key and $1. After our bittersweet departure from 7 weeks in Guatemala, and with not even an hour into El Salvador, I can’t say it was the warmest welcome, but I suppose it could be so much worse. First of all, our key was replaced, and the hotel has amazing 24/7 security, our room is right next to reception, so if someone tried getting in, it would be super suspicious, and Keenan’s sunglasses were like $12 from Zenni Optical. As for the $1, well,  the only thing $1 can get you here is 2 pupusas filled with beans.

After a brief backtrack through Antigua, we booked a shuttle direct to the beaches of El Salvador, where one of my childhood catholic school friends has been for a couple days. Even though I haven’t seen the girl really since the days of rolling plaid skirts and torturing our teachers, she is still the fun person I remember her to be.

We are in El Tunco where it’s all about the Surf. This *tiny* litte beach town has Surf Rentals, “Surfer’s Smoothies”, our hotel is even called a “Surf Lodge”, oh and lots of Surfer Boys.

Keenan and I gave surfing a shot yesterday. He got really into it and stood on the board through some waves, I mostly just got body slammed by the waves, or more painfully by the surfboard where I quickly decided defeat and worked hard on my tan instead. I didn’t feel too bad about it, because breaking bones in El Salvador wasn’t really a plan, and the day of rental was only $5.

We will stay here for the weekend, and then we are going to a food festival!! (with Iguana and Guinea Pig and other weird foods!)

This is me surfing……..seriously!!! not really though

This guy was named Ofer but I’m going to rename him Offer because he was like an offer from the gods. *drool*

It’s really really really beautiful here!Miss Molly and I giggling in some black sand

My Israeli friend Ofer’s weird backwards book

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  1. It was great to see you guys again, and meeting Molly there randomly was exciting. She’s so cool! I’m in Leon now. It’s awesome, there’s a crazy nightlife, but the morning firecrackers here put Antigua to shame. If you’re bussing it across the border, watch for the helpers there. They’re super-agressive. Nothing new I suppose. Anywho, enjoy that BBQ!

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