East Coast to West Coast: Travel Adventures a Little Closer to Home

When it comes to traveling, most people picture getaways to far off lands, experiencing different cultures and witnessing how others around the world live their lives. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Many people end up putting off traveling because they simply can’t afford the huge costs involved in hopping from one continent to another. However, you can actually begin your travel adventures a little closer to home. Remember that the distance between one side of a state and another is often larger than the distance between whole countries in places such as Europe. Each state of America has its own subcultures and intriguing places to visit. So you don’t necessarily have to even leave the country to be able to get a taste of something truly different to what you’re used to. Here are a few places to add to your travel list, from the East Coast to the West Coast.


San Francisco


San Francisco, lying on the East Coast of the United States, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world on a yearly basis. It’s not hard to see why. The state is host to endless wonderful sights, from the world renowned structure of the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island, one of the world’s most notoriously inescapable prisons. If you plan to visit the big sights in San Fran, make sure to book tickets well in advance, as demand is high and you don’t want to be left waiting in huge queues during your trip.



Missouri may not be the first tourist hotspot to spring to your mind when considering the United States, but it has a wide variety of unique and out of the ordinary activities to undertake within its borders. The state has seemingly endless historic sights to marvel at, including the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Union Station and the Missouri State Penitentiary. It also has numerous amusement parks, such as Silver Dollar City, White Water and Bigfoot on the Strip. You may need a little while to make your way around all of the things you want to see, so make sure to check into a comfortable hotel. The Studio Z Extended Stay Hotel & Lounge will provide you with a cozy retreat to return to at the end of each activity filled day.


New York


The big apple! There’s a reason that New York is referred to as the city that never sleeps and you can guarantee that your days, evenings and nights will be jam packed with things to do for as long as you stay in the state. See the Statue of Liberty in the New York State Harbour, go to the top of the Empire State Building, take a stroll around Central Park and check out the Winter Garden.


So there you have it! In these three states alone there are endless adventures awaiting. Nevermind all the places you might consider stopping in between. Remember that there’s no need to leave America’s shores to seek out adventures that will provide you with memories and anecdotes for years to come.

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