Eeny Meeny Miny Mo… Choosing Which Balearic Island Is Best For You

A mere stone’s throw away from mainland Spain lies a cluster of four beautiful islands, known as The Balearic Islands. These islands, are very distinctive in style although are easily confused meaning it can be difficult to know which one best suits you and the sort of holiday you are wanting to go on.


Therefore today, we are sharing a description of each island to help you decide which one best suits you and your holiday requirements.


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The largest and most famous of all the Balearic Islands, Mallorca can sometimes be perceived as a booze-fueled, party holiday destination. If that’s what you’re looking for, then yes, you’ll be able to find it, however there is so much more to this island than the party bay of Palma.


The beautiful island of Mallorca is so much more serene, relaxed and authentic than its reputation gives it credit for.  Due to the island’s natural, mountainous slopes, the island makes for some fantastic hiking. Walking in Mallorca is wonderful as you are always surrounded by the glistening mediterranean sea and white sand beaches below.

Another distinctive feature of Mallorca are the stunning Almond trees you will find speckled around the island. Get a scooter rental and take in all the olive trees and vineyards that are also a big part of Mallorca’s heritage giving it a really rustic charm.


The elegance of the capital, Palma, surrounded by medieval walls is also a far cry from the crazy, party holidays many associate with Mallorca. The beautiful little villages dotted around the island are wonderful to explore as are the breathtaking views from the various vantage points throughout the mountainous roads that make up this unique and inspiring island.




The more relaxed and subdued, little sister of Mallorca draws in a very different type of holiday maker than the other three islands. Wild and unspoilt, Menorca grabs the attention of those looking for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation.


With its many hidden coves, gorgeous medieval towns and dusty, offtrack sandy roads, it feels undiscovered and unspoilt, unlike many other European holiday destinations. Perfect for couples and families looking for a peaceful retreat in a beautifully tranquil setting.




Ibiza, is also usually tarred with the same brush of a party and booze destination. However again, it, is so much more than that. This chic and trendy island combines chilled beaches and beach bars with lashings of historical and natural beauty. Ibiza is an ideal holiday destination for both those looking to blow off some steam and also those looking to unwind and relax.


There really is something for everyone in Ibiza, from the stunning medieval city with its labyrinth of winding cobbled streets to its amazing beaches. Whilst the crazy nightlife side exists, the island as a whole is much more low-key, sophisticated and laid-back than people give it credit for




Formentera is wonderfully hippy and zen. Whilst Ibiza may get more attention than Formentera, it is a little paradise island getaway that offers a totally distinctive charm than all the other islands. The glistening, turquoise sea and powder fine, white sands that frame this island offers arguably the best beaches of all. The hippy markets are completely unique and the cosy beach bars are the best place to go to really disconnect from the daily grind.





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