Exciting Adventure Holidays For A Solo Traveller

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Travelling alone is a whole new experience for someone who is used to travelling in a group. Not only is it a little bit more nerve-wracking, at least to start with, it’s also a great opportunity to speak to new people that you might never have met if you were travelling with people you know. It allows you to explore on your own terms, see the sights that interest you and reduces the need for compromise. Some holidays are better suited to solo travel than other, here are four classics.


Ski cross country

If you’re a fan of the colder climates, a cross-country skiing expedition could be right up your street. Either join a large, guided group or go in a smaller and more intimate team. See the wildlife across northern Scandinavia, eat incredible fresh fish, and stay in beautiful wooden lodges in the middle of the desolate frozen lands. If you’d prefer not to expend quite so much energy but still fancy a colder adventure, husky sledding and snowmobile expeditions could be right up your street. Meeting like-minded individuals and sharing stories around the campfire make these types of holidays perfect for solo travellers.



Swim with the fish

If you’re more keen on the sun and sea, but a beach holiday isn’t really your scene, a scuba diving holiday just be just the exciting trip you’re looking for. There are scuba schools all over the world who will take anyone from beginners to expert scuba divers. Make sure you choose a school with instructors who are certified and insured – they’re the only people who can ensure you’re safe and who can legally carry out your training. Once all that’s done, you’ve got a whole world of underwater fun ahead of you.


Hike the wilderness

Getting out into the countryside on your own or with a hiking group is a great way to clear your head, enjoy the fresh air, and take the time to collect your thoughts. Whether you go with a group or alone, it’s important always to be prepared – sites like The Habitual Hiker can help to ensure you’ve properly planned your route, got all the appropriate equipment, and that your safety is a priority. This is especially important if you plan on heading out alone. Don’t let this put you off, though; hiking as an individual can be a really eye-opening experience.


Join a sailing crew

If you’re travelling alone but would enjoy the company of others, as well as a new skill and a bit of an adventure, why not join a sailing crew? You’ll learn how to handle a boat, and get to take in the beautiful coastline of the area of your choice. The coast of Croatia is particularly popular at the moment, as the seas tend to be fairly calm, and the scenery is second to none.


When it’s time to head out on a solo adventure, sometimes it can be really life affirming to share these experiences with new people, while also getting enough downtime to clear your head and return home feeling refreshed and re-energised.


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