Taking the leap.

As my friend drove me to LAX, I couldnt help but begin having the biggest freakout panic attack on the inside. On the outside I maintained a cool-like-a-cucumber level of stability. I mean yeah, in retrospect it seems like a cute idea that everyone might have, to go alone to some foreign country, but it was actually going down.
I stepped up to the booking desk for Air China, shakily holding my passport.
No trace of my flight. I began to panic, but panicking is never a smart idea. I fumbled through my papers and emails to find the flight confirmation of the round trip flight to Bangkok that I sporadically purchased last week on my cell phone in the waiting room of a gerontology office while chauffering a 99 year old patient to an appointment.
China Airlines! Not air china dummy!
Checked in through the correct airline and there I was, waiting for a plane. There was no turning back


(In regards to my pants, Dog hair don’t care.)


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