Fabulous Reasons Why Dallas Should Be Your Next Destination

Wondering where you should take your family for your first trip of 2017? Look no further; I have an excellent idea: Dallas! This may not be such a crazy idea as you may think. Sure, the Texan city still has a reputation for being a big oil and cowboy area. But that’s just because it hasn’t been able to shrug off the reputation that the TV show Dallas left behind. In actual fact, this cosmopolitan city is a fantastic family destination. Here are some of the best reasons why!

Fantastic cuisine

So you want to know about really good restaurants in Dallas? Well, you will be very happy to hear that there are so many! In fact, the city is renowned for its restaurant and food scene. You won’t just have to stick to all American classics such as burgers and pancakes, though. The restaurant scene features many different eateries that specialize in dishes and cuisines from around the globe. Fancy an Indian curry for dinner? No problem; you’ll find a restaurant to suit your craving. From Russian to Portuguese, you are guaranteed to find the cuisine that you feel like eating!

Be A Cowboy For A Day

Okay, so there are still quite a few cowboy themed attractions in Dallas. But the kids will love these! You never know, they may even put a smile on your face as well! The best cowboy activity you can do in Dallas is visit Southwark Ranch. This large ranch house still has lots of cattle grazing in the fields, which the kids will love feeding. If you do remember the TV show Dallas, you will be able to find out all about it in the ranch’s museum dedicated to the show!

See A Ballgame

Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Football Stadium is on a completely different scale to all the others you’ll see in The States. It is huge! And, as it was built in the 1930s, it is also ridiculously old school. So while you are in Dallas, make sure you catch a game in this fantastic stadium. The stadium has hosted some legendary world cups over the past few decades, and it was also the home of the fictional football team featured in the TV show ‘Friday Night Lights’. Even though there aren’t that many football games in the stadium these days, there are still regular soccer matches that you can watch.

See Awesome Animals

If your kids love animals, they will thoroughly enjoy a day at the Dallas World Aquarium. This amazing aquarium is home to a variety of exotic species of sea life. Some of which, your kids may never have seen before! Want to see some more wildlife? Then head to the very popular Dallas Zoo. This huge 95-acre zoo is home to around 2,000 animals. Your kids will love coming face to face with some lions, tigers, and bears!

All ready to book your trip to Dallas? There is no doubt that your whole family will love your time there!

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