Feeling Comfortable When Travelling Alone

Travelling alone is fantastic. You get to go where you want, in your own time, trying whatever you feel like without having to worry about what other people want or like. It’s enlightening and liberating; it’ll help you to grow as a person and learn more than you’d ever thought possible, about yourself and the world around you. But, there’s one thing that can be tough. Getting over that feeling of fear, or anxiety that can hold you back. Not feeling comfortable on your own can make the whole trip feel uneasy and not quite right. Here are some tips to help you settle and enjoy yourself.


Talk to People


Many new travellers avoid making contact with anyone, out of fear. Getting past this is the first step to feeling comfortable on your own. As a society, we’re not very good at speaking with strangers. We share our lives with them on Facebook, but we can’t say hi to one on the bus. So, of course, speaking to strangers in a strange land is going to feel, well, strange. But, it’s not as bad as you think. Often locals are keen to talk to tourists, they like showing off their hometown, and they are certainly no more dangerous than people back home. Learn to trust your instincts.


It could make you feel more comfortable if you start making conversation with people you don’t know back home, before heading off on your trip. Say hi to someone in the street or strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in a waiting room. It gets easier the more you do it.


Stay Safe


The best way to feel comfortable when you are on your own is knowing that you are doing everything that you can to stay safe. Research your destination online before you go, so you know what it’s like and if there are any areas best avoided. Make sure you are staying in safe accommodation, and that you protect all of your belongings. Use a credit card, which will be insured, for large expenses. Using the best airline miles credit card can even mean you get cheaper flights in the future. Carry a personal alarm and use it when you need to. Always be vigilant, make sure you know how to get help, wherever you are, and once again, trust your instincts. This might sound daunting, but you really are in no more danger abroad than you are at home, it just never hurts to take care. Once you’ve been travelling for a while, it will be second nature.


Jump Right in


Putting off your trip because you are worried and anxious won’t help you to get over these nerves. It’ll just mean that you miss out on a fantastic opportunity. Instead, jump in. Learn as much as you can, read advice and tips, and speak to other travellers. Get the appropriate insurance and kit yourself out with anything you need to help you feel safe. Then, get going. You’ll soon be having that much fun that you’ve forgotten any fears or worries.

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