Find the Right Accomodation to Accomodate you

Deciding where to go on holiday is a big decision, but knowing what to stay in can make the difference between a good trip and a great one. Is it quiet or is it too quiet? Is it child-friendly or too child-friendly? Is it too expensive or is it lacking facilities? Knowing what your options are is the first step to ensuring you find the right place for the right reasons.



Pocket more at a hostel

If the word ‘hostel’ makes you picture bunk beds and sharing a room with a stranger, in some instances, you’re probably right. However hostels have moved on and you can now even get private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The downside is that hostels are full of noisy travellers, but if you’re up for some loud music, late night conversations and the odd party here and there, then why not get stuck in? For more ways to budget, take a look at Jessica Lippe’s ideas to help make your money go further.


Reserve luxury at a hotel

For those after a little more luxury, a hotel answers many people’s holiday needs. With all the amenities you need, such as a pool, TV, laundry service, airport transportation and food for whenever you need it, it offers a little extra comfort on your break away. Especially in hot countries, the air conditioning  alone is worth paying that little bit more for. For hotels that go above and beyond, take a look at these luxury resorts.


Be a guest

A guesthouse is usually an old building or large home that has been converted. There are only a few guest rooms, some with their own bathrooms on the site, so if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, but don’t want to be too secluded, this could be the one for you. Cheston House is a prime example of quality on your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a simple guest room, or an apartment-style room with a kitchen fully-equipped to cook a dinner party to remember, it has everything you need from sunrise to sunset and beyond.


Lovely lodges

If you want a little luxury in a remote area, a lodge could be the perfect place for you. Slightly dearer than other types of accommodation, to often compensate for the unique settings, lodges will help you feel at home with nature, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your creature comforts.


The campsite pitch

Many people will have swiftly moved on to the next option by now, as the thought of not having a bed or wardrobe and having to share a bathroom and kitchen with someone sends a shiver down their spine. However, camping is by far the cheapest way to stay. Plus, if you love the great outdoors, the wonderful smell of fresh country air is just a zip away!

have some great advice on tents, from large ones suitable for camping with the family, to smaller ones for those on the go.


Ultimately, whatever you choose shouldn’t make or break your holiday, but if you do remember to put some time in to planning carefully, your next holiday could be the one trip you never forget.

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