Finding Christmas Magic Around The Globe

Certain people hate the idea of going away for Christmas. They won’t even entertain the idea, especially if you suggest somewhere a bit warmer. But maybe you can convince them if you take them somewhere that has more of that magical Christmas feeling than you could ever find at home. Try one of these destinations for the perfect trip at Christmas.


New York



New York is the setting of so many iconic Christmas movies like Home Alone, Elf, and Miracle On 34th Street. There’s nothing like seeing that setting up close over the Christmas period. The amazing window displays, giant towering Christmas trees, and the sheer anticipation make New York a truly unique place to visit for Christmas. You can get all of your shopping done in some of the biggest department stores in the world and then go to see a winter themed Broadway show to top it all off.




I guess this is the most obvious place to go for Christmas. I mean, what better way to capture that Christmas spirit than visit Santa in Lapland? If you’ve got a young family then a visit to Lapland will make their dreams come true. It’s a far better experience than meeting a Santa in a grotto in the local shopping mall. All guests get a private audience with Santa so you aren’t going to be rushed in and out in five minutes. The accommodation is a picturesque and authentic wood cabin which really sets off the whole experience.





When some people think about Christmas they think of a great Christmas market. The country that is most famous for its Christmas markets is Germany, but it doesn’t necessarily deserve that title. If you head to Budapest, Hungary, in the winter you’ll find one of the best Christmas markets in the whole of Europe. The market in Vorosmarty Square is world famous, not only for its traditional Christmas food and drink but also for its performances as well. There are loads of great folk performances and choir singing going on. The market opens from November until the end of December so you’ve got a few months to catch it. Budapest is also a lot more affordable than places like Germany where people traditionally go to find Christmas markets.





Lyon in France is a great choice for a magical Christmas getaway because it offers a completely unique holiday tradition that you won’t find everywhere else. Every year since 1852, they’ve held the Fete des Lumieres or Festival of Lights. It started as a celebration for a new statue of the Virgin Mary which was canceled because of a storm. The residents all came out in force and lit candles, and the festival was born. The annual event sees lots of different artists creating installations using colored lights all over the buildings in the city. The result is truly spectacular and it could be the beginning of a new tradition for you and your family.


It can be difficult to go outside your comfort zone and break with holiday tradition but these destinations will help you to maintain that Christmas spirit.

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