Five Weird and Cool Ways that Different People Go Camping!

Many think there’s only one way to do it when it comes to camping. Most will only think of a small, awkward zip-up tent, usually in the middle of a rainy, muddy forest. They’ll think about campfires and intense struggles against the elements. But people experience camping in a wide variety of ways!


The open shelter
Tarp Camp at Bare Loon Lake, Chilkoot Trail
Tents can be pretty awkward to set up, right? And heck, that irritation usually pales in comparison to how frustrating it can be to get the tent back into the container you brought it in!  Well, what if you simplified it? By, like, a lot? A tarp shelter provides you with what’s called an open shelter. It doesn’t do much more than protect you from rain and sunshine. Outside of that, you’re in the open!

Increased danger

A lot of people love to really push things to the limit and camp out in some crazy spots. Maybe they’re combining camping with hiking and intend to camp out quite high up in the mountains, or even among wild animals that may pose a threat. It’s worth remembering, however, that most forms of camping have some element of risk to them. So bringing the right sort of survival gear along with you is pretty much an essential regardless of precisely how you’re going about it. Read more about the proper safety and survival measures over at!

Winter Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park
Glam it up!


Glamping. It sounds more like a mispronunciation of the word “clamping”. It’s actually a portmanteau, combining glamorous” and “camping”. It may sound silly, but there are some undeniably attractive features. Glamping features the amenities you wouldn’t have in traditional camping. The camp sites and the tents themselves are incredibly spacious and even luxuriously designed. And you probably won’t be using a sleeping bag – these tents tend to come with actual beds in them. Outdoor eating is still a thing, but there are tables and even professional chefs. One could call it camping for people who don’t like camping. You can read more about this strange about attractive activity over at!



Gadgets galore


A lot of campers don’t like the idea of too many gadgets. They say that camping supposed to be about returning to nature. You’re supposed to rely simpler aspects of life, right? If you surround yourself with cool gadgets, then what was the point in leaving your house? But the best tech doesn’t change your experience in a fundamental way. It just helps makes some of the essentials a bit easier! Coffee-makers and solar power providers are among the most popular. Check out for more.


Drunk on tour


You can actually get a fold-out caravan that acts as a mobile bar. Yeah, that kind of bar. The boozy kind. It’s not exactly cheap, though. $150,000 will get you one. Is it worth the cash, though? Maybe if you have a big investment in being the most popular person on the camping site. Or if you just really want to show off. Maybe Drake has one. You can read more about it over at


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