Dying at Xocomil

The night of the Hot Springs I came down with a really nasty flu, but it wasn’t enough to ruin my day at the Biggest Water Park in Central America.

Yesterday we found a hotel in the middle of nowhere with a green pool. I slept the entirety of the remaining day, while Keenan watched TV in spanish and took pictures of the green pool and a nomad cat.

This morning we rose with excitement like giddy children and managed to retain our stomach contents on some super intenso slides. My personal favorite was the toilet bowl that spun you around in circles and pooped you out into another pool. I went about 10 rides strong until my fever returned and I slept in the “resting area” near the grandma’s and babies on the side of the kiddie pool while Keenan ran around like it was his first time at Disneyland.

Then we jostled around in the wave pool during a crazy downpour of rain. It was much more enjoyable then a tepid bath.

The cool thing about this park was that we again were the only gringos in sight, *celebrity status*,  people encouraged us to cut them even though we insisted no, go ahead in line all badass. Also, we only paid a measley $12 to get in, but the locals can go for free somehow because of some union or something I dont fully understand but it’s awesome since the average daily income of the people is like $6US. Also they had really delicious ice cream.

As we left the park, our hotel neighbors just so happened to be there and leaving also, and gave us a ride. We have been lucking out!

Keenan in pure bliss. This slide was frightening, but not quite to the proportions of Vinpearl, my vietnamese water park experience.

I am smiling, but inside I was dying a bit.

Its a stoned lizard spitting out a grandmother

Mushrooms. Am I just being an American or is there alot of drug references at this place?

Before the big wave pool storm

A Guatemalan Dunk Tank.

The halfpipe slide. real fun

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