Footprints In The Sand: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Welsh Beaches

It’s been said that to be born Welsh is to be born privileged, and with the scenery, cities and seafronts in Wales, we’d like to agree with that! If you love to rockpool, go paddling in the sea and breathe in exquisitely fresh air, you will be a big fan of Wales. The beaches are going to be the focus today, the safe, family-friendly, sandy beaches that are there for people of all ages. Whether you want to bring your family along for a holiday, or simply take a trip alone and stroll with the sand under your toes. Here are some of the best beaches to visit while you visit Wales:

  1. Abersoch, Lyn Peninsula: Raft racing, crab catching, sandcastle contests and pure sand to enjoy, Abersoch is perfect for families. Fairly sheltered, this beach is still breezy enough for sailors to enjoy a dinghy ride or two.
  2. Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire: You may be the type who travels on their own wind, bringing a book with you to enjoy peace, quiet and the sound of the waves lapping on the coastline. Broad Haven’s sandy beach has shallow waters to dip into and no pebbles, making the flat sand kind on the feet.
  3. Benllech, Isle of Anglesey: A small holiday town, Benllech has received the Blue Flag Programme thumbs up every single year for the past 13 years. Safe, beautiful and with breath-taking views, Benllech is perfect for wandering flowers and families alike.
  4. Caswell, Gower Peninsula: You could have taken the train to visit Gower, but you’ll be kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot to the seafront. You’ll be shocked by how good looking this beach is for a UK beach, with fine and pale sand in abundance. There are cliffs surrounding it all topped with grass that add a little something beautiful in the background.
  5. Tenby, Pembrokeshire: Not just one beach, but THREE beauties. Tenby is clean, with fresh air and sand in huge amounts. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more peaceful, more colourful place to visit.
  6. Cefn Sidan, Carmarthenshire: Eight miles of purely sandy beach that is close by to an equestrian centre, a dry ski slope and a toboggan run! You can walk right out to the waves when the tide is out and look at the coastline stretching on and on. For the young explorers, the dunes offer the perfect hideaway for mini beast adventures.

Beaches are a thing of beauty in most places, but in Wales you’re in for a treat. Rarely do you find a place with so many beaches that are unspoilt by us humans! It’s easy to find gorgeous beaches abroad in places that are exotic and full of palm trees. Finding properly untouched sand in the UK can be really difficult, so heading west to Wales should be your first option.

Don’t be afraid to explore and get to know the beaches in the west, we can promise, the dragons are long gone!


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