Four European Resorts For First-Time Skiers


The world is a truly epic place, but the notch would be turned up to eleven if we could all strap on a pair of skis for the first time and be good enough to tackle the world’s toughest resorts without any need to ease into it. Alas, the world does not work that way, skiing requires practice and finding your snow feet is a journey. The good news is, there are some resorts where this is a whole lot easier to do for those that are less experienced standing on two sticks with the hope of descending a mountain.


So, whether you have never before been introduced to a set of skis, you consider yourself relatively new to the slopes or you’re going as a group of newbies, we have handpicked some of the resorts that will make you feel right at home in snow time at all.



  1. Morzine, France

Twelve years ago, if you said you were going to Morzine, most people would have hurled a blank expression your way. Today, however, most people will reply with, “me too, when are you going and are you staying with Ski Harrington too?” That is how incredible this place is; it is the jewel in the crown of Europe’s second largest ski area, known as Portes Du Soleil or Doorway To The Sun. Head to Avoriaz, take it easy in Les Gets and head over to Switzerland. Mmm hmmm. Thanks to this size, there is a huge amount of pistes to ski with more beginner options available almost everywhere. There is also an incredible amount of ski schools to book onto as well. Just do a few days to begin with and then enjoy tackling the runs solo in the latter half of your trip. The one thing to consider is Morzine’s altitude, which is quite low, so make sure you check the snow reports. Oh, and what makes this place really special, is the amount of activities there are away from the slopes, from ice hockey games to Aquariaz, delicious restaurants to lively bars. It’s no wonder it has just been nominated for the best European Ski Resort 2018.



  1. Niederau, Austria

When people think of Austrian skiing, they tend to think of one place and one place only, St Anton. But Niederau is one of the most fantastic ski resorts anywhere in European, especially for beginners. That’s not only because it offers great skiing and a well renowned ski school, it is one of the most incredible places to be during the festive period. We’re talking merriment like you have never seen before as the snow-covered streets become a hive of activity, Christmas markets and sleigh rides making this one of the most amazing winter wonderlands going. It doesn’t take long for a new skier to learn that skiing is only part of it; the rest is enjoying yourself away from the slopes, and they sure know how to do that in Austria.



  1. Claviere, Italy

There is a reason why this Italian mountain resort is often referred to as the Milky Way ski area and that is because it is truly magical. The snow is thick, fluffy and amazing quality, the scenery is second to none, and the traditional mountain vibe makes this one of the most charming places anyone can learn how to ski. Thanks to its plethora of easy and intermediate runs that will fill you with confidence faster than a barman can fill a half-pint glass with beer. This place really is the best friend of first-time skiers. It is perfect for developing you on your skis and helping you perfect your technique, and what more could you want than that?



  1. Soldeu, Andorra

You’ll be amazed at how many skiers you know that first stepped on a slope in Andorra. But there is a reason why they took to this part of the world in order to learn and it is to do with the friendly prices and even more friendly slopes. Part of the Grandvalira ski area, it is also quite the ski area too, with El Tarter and Pas De La Casa neighbouring the more laid-back town of Soldeu. Of course, if you are into more of a lively scene, then we recommend you stay in the latter town, but if you have kids or are just looking to get your ski legs then Soldeu is the one for you. Oh, and we really did mean what we said about the prices because for just €153 you can get three hours of tuition a day for five days. That is incredible value, and it is even less for children.

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