Girly Getaways You Won’t Need A Passport For

Admitting that you need a getaway with the girls is the first step to travelling to a new state for pure and unrivalled fun. Being able to start planning a getaway and coordinating the schedules for more than one other person? That’s the hard part! Organising time away with your best girlfriends takes a lot of planning and the best plans are those that involve miles of travel but without a passport!

Wine-tasting, hot tubs in a rental property and trawling the best cities in a party bus hired with are likely some of the best ideas you’ll come up with, but there is so much more you can do together. There are so many places from California to NYC  that you can get to and still feel like you’ve truly ‘got away’ and had a break from everyday life. But where to go? You want to leave the passport at home and enjoy some time just the girls, you definitely need this destination guide! You’ll either be more confused as you’ll want to visit every destination we’ve mentioned, or you’ll be inspired! Check them out and let us know where you ended up!

Paso Robles, California. If you love delicious wines and even better weather, Paso Robles wouldn’t be the first place you’d put on the list. However, the charm of the rural atmosphere will excite you and your party from the get-go. You can explore the wineries in the sunshine, taste different wines and enjoy the beaches along Highway 1 while you’re at it.

Nashville, Tennessee. Not just a TV show, Nashville has so much to offer. Follow the Honky Tonk Highway for live music and food that is perfect for the area. Dance the night away and buy tickets for shows at the Ryman Auditorium to make your experience truly immersive.

Atlantic City, New Jersey. Remember that party bus we mentioned earlier? Well, this is the perfect place for it! Glittering nightclubs, strolls on the boardwalk and the beautiful beaches keep your girly weekend away balanced! Start your day with sunbathing and end it with cocktails and a flutter in the casino. You never know, you could change your life in an afternoon.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Touring art galleries with your best girlfriends has never been easier, but the best thing about Eureka Springs is the spas! Manicures, massages and facials feature here along with relaxing detox programmes and a little culture to get you going. Good food, good company and a massage? Why not!

Las Vegas, Nevada. The social butterflies among your group will love Vegas for a weekend, and even if you haven’t perfected your poker face you can still enjoy yourself. Pools, parties and poker games that can earn you a decent crust of money are all on the table with a weekend in Vegas!

Still confused about your weekend away? Check out reviews on TripAdvisor and make a decision that suits the whole group. You could always have more than one weekend away…!


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