Give Your Holiday A Sporting Chance

Some of us love to escape to a sun drenched paradise and drink cocktails on the beach all week, but it’s not for everybody. If you find yourself getting restless sitting by the pool, then you’re probably more suited to an action packed sports holiday. There are plenty of alternatives to a week of sunbathing. Why not try a week of surfing or skiing instead? If you are thinking of going on an exciting sports holiday, these are some of the best destinations out there.


Carlisle Bay, Antigua



A week in Carlisle Bay is probably not enough time to enjoy all of the different activities on offer, so there’s no chance of you getting bored while you’re there. This beautiful Caribbean beach resort boasts great modern accommodation with four restaurants in the complex itself. The incredible views from the private balconies make it the perfect resort for couples to have a romantic getaway. There are plenty of beach activities, including a gym, tennis courts, snorkelling, windsurfing and kayaking, are all complimentary. There is enough to be getting on with so there’s something new every day.


Serre Chevalier



Ski resorts are brilliant places to have an exciting sports holiday, and some of the best ones in the world are in France. Serre Chevalier is a string of villages, linked by an extensive network of ski slopes. If you are interested in skiing, get a Ski Chalet in France for the week and explore all of the wonderful locations that are on offer. The nearby town of Briancon is also worth visiting, for its quaint cafes and spa complex.


The Legian, Bali



If skiing is a bit cold for you, then surfing might be more your speed. There are private villas on offer, that are kitted out with all of the luxuries that you could ask for. You won’t be right on the beach but there is a shuttle bus that will take you there. You can spend your days surfing, bodyboarding and diving. If you fancy something a bit more relaxing, there are golf courses and yoga retreats available, and you are free to do a bit of sunbathing if you need a rest for a day or two.


România, Cycling



If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you’ve probably ridden all of the good routes nearby, so you might have to go further afield to find something new. One of the best countries in the world to go cycling in, is Romania. The whole country is littered with ancient forests and staggering mountains. A lot of the villages around are Unesco-protected, meaning that they haven’t changed in centuries. It is one of the only places in the world that you can see a truly traditional village, as it was hundreds of years ago.


Porto Elounda, Greece


Any keen golfers out there should definitely visit Porto Elounda, on the Greek island of Crete. There is a golf academy on the island, so whether you’re a complete beginner, or you just want to improve your game, there are plenty of learning opportunities. There is also a brilliant spa that you can relax in after a long game.



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