Going On Holiday? Alternative Accommodation Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Could this be your next holiday home?  

Are you going on holiday soon? Yay! We hope you have a lovely time. However, we can almost guarantee what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Is it by chance any of the following?


A hotel, with all it’s home from home luxuries. The cooked breakfast may be nice, and the linen on the bed may be top quality, but the price? It probably blows away your holiday budget.

A motorhome, with all the flexibility it gives you when planning your next road trip. We love Pacific Coachworks Travel Trailers for example, but you will need to face the busy traffic.

A tent, for that wonderful camping experience. You might love spending time in nature, but nature loves spending time with you. Let’s hope you bought the bug spray!

Were we right? Well, why not try something a little different? There are alternative ways to house yourselves on holiday, some of which may also save you some money. Read on, and consider these alternatives.

– Stay in a college dorm! While the idea of living with other students probably doesn’t appeal to you, especially if you have already lived that lifestyle, you may be able to rent a dorm when they’re empty. Over the summer and during term breaks, many colleges and universities make a little extra money from tourists like you. So, if you’re heading to a town or a city with a place of academia, check out their website or contact the campus directly. Don’t worry, the rooms will have been cleaned, and the student smell should be long gone by the time you get there!

– If you practice a particular religion, you may find accommodation at a monastery, convent or synagogue. Many of them offer spiritual retreats, which may be just the thing for a weary traveller. They may also offer accommodation to other holidaymakers, but you will need to abide by the order’s rules. Alcohol and parties are going to be out of the question!

– Get a taste of culture by staying in somebody else’s home! We aren’t talking about house swaps (but that could be an option). Rather, go for a homestay holiday abroad where you live with a host family. Many homeowners rent out a room to tourists such as yourself, though it is still common courtesy to interact with your host and share something from your own culture. Learning the language is probably a good idea too unless you are heading to an English speaking country; otherwise, you may end up in the host’s bedroom when you’re trying to find the toilet!

Looking for more ideas? Well ever thought about living in a prison cell, without having committed a crime to secure your stay? Wondered what it would be like to live the life of a Hobbit? Ever wanted to live the life of a Lord or Lady in a castle? There are a plethora of ideas out there, some of which are found on this quirky website, for a completely different kind of holiday. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Hotels? So last season!


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