El Salvador food experience – Half Goat Half Dog

“It is the combination of a goat and a dog” said the lady in spanish, serving me a steaming sliver of grayish meat.

In my head I pictured something like this:

Luckily, Google proved me wrong in that the delicious mouth-watering meat I consumed was Sheep. Sheep isn’t so bad to eat, it’s almost like having a Gyro.

Keenan, Molly, Gustavo (molly’s friend from couch surfing) and I cruised in his Mazda on the beautiful “Ruta de las Flores”(the route of Flowers) to the El Salvadorian mountain town of Juayua- Most commonly known for it’s weekend Food Festivals. The lonely planet described it as having “iguana and guinea pig” but we saw neither. We did however see huge shrimp, delicious sweets, filet-o-frog, ribs, carne, etc.

We also went to a place called “Reptilandia” where we had the pleasure of seeing HUGE snakes, awesome chameleons and other creepy crawlies for a 50 cent admission price.

Our cabins were quiet and extremely pleasant with interesting wildlife around us, a hammock, and 20 cans of warm Pilsener beer. Unfortunately Keenan and I are elderly, and fell asleep after one beer.

Food Festing

The Ruin design I spoke of

Our amazing Chauffer – Gustavo and I swinging in the playground

Frogs. They were chewy

Relax. its just sheep

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