Halloween in Lancaster: Hauntingly Good Breweries & Inns

The more history a place has, the easier it is to find exceptional horror stories. Lancaster is one of those great places to visit for the sake of history – as well as the number of creepy spots to get you terrifyingly ready for Halloween in a few short weeks. It gives you a solid dose of history as well if you’re into that, and it’s a great way to get to know the city a bit better.


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We give you the top haunted places in Lancaster to make your weekend away a bit more creepy. It’s worth a visit even if you’re just driving through, so include it on your road trip adventure this autumn in any way.


Duke Street Garage and the Indians


The 1762 massacre of the Conestoga Indians has left its mark on the culture and history of Lancashire. It’s perhaps not that surprising that places like these carry a lot of rumors of ghosts and spirits – but this site features an actual Indian burial site for those who were killed by The Paxton Gang.


Their remains are said to be buried by the intersection of Chestnut Street and Cherry Lane and, although they were moved in 1833 to make way for a railway line, their spirits are still said to be haunting the area around Duke Street Garage – where their original mass grave used to be.


The Railroad House Inn


If you haven’t found yourself any good hotels in Lancaster, PA, you might as well drop in at The Railroad House Inn for a few sleepless nights. It’s allegedly the most haunted place in Lancaster and just happens to be one of the most famous restaurants as well; when they’re not enjoying the food, guests are frequently complaining about unexplained cold spots and uncomfortable feelings – particularly in room 6.


Two spirits are often spotted, both in the inn and at the tavern. Staff often report seeing a young, blonde girl, dressed in Victorian style clothing who enjoys playing games with the guests, scattering utensils all over the floor or making objects move on their own.


The one in the tavern is also a young woman who, according to both guests and staff, is named Annie and likes to flirt with guests in the bar. Forever alone? Apparently not.


Bube’s Brewery


Who doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story over a beer or two? Bube’s Brewery may have gone through quite some changes the last couple of years, from being a building complex in the 1800’s to host a variety of restaurants and microbreweries today, but some of the visitors have been the same for centuries.


A young woman in a long gown is regularly spotted by both customers and staff, wandering restlessly through the art gallery. A young man has also been spotted, although not as frequently, and he tends to pop up in various places across the building.


It’s a well-known place for ghost hunters, and Bub’s Brewery has also been featured on TV; you may even be able to score yourself a ghost tour on certain days – and especially around Halloween.


The three above are just a few of the most famous haunted spots in Lancaster so your creepy weekend should be fully booked with wonderful thrills by now.


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