Holidays With A Difference: Destinations You May Not Have Considered

Holidays are something we like to treat ourselves to, but we’re on a constant quest to find places that we might want to go. While some sections of society like to return to the same location over and over again, most of us want something different.

Whether you’re looking for some winter fun for this year, or are already planning next year’s summer, there are plenty of options. That’s not always a good point, though, is it? Sometimes, the fact there is so much choice is more baffling than helpful. Sometimes, you just need a helpful online article to advise you where might suit your personality type.

Oh look, that’s exactly what we can do here. Aren’t we helpful? We solemnly swear to keep away from the “classic” destinations and offer choices with a little more intrigue. Just pick from the below which sounds most like you when considering holiday options, and we’ll narrow it down from there.

I Need To Find Somewhere… Warm

If heat is your thing, then the southern hemisphere summer is your best bet. Although Australia is a classic, don’t forget its cousin New Zealand – as well as various Pacific Islands. What’s more, they’re all perfect to visit in the height of the northern hemisphere winter, when you’re craving sunshine.

Fiji in all her glory.

The islands of Samoa, Fiji and Tonga are regularly grouped together as the “Pacific islands” – but all have their unique points. Fiji is an island paradise unlike any other, while Samoa is a little rougher and readier. Tonga is less mentioned as a holiday destination, so if you want to escape the tourist crowds, it’s a great option.

I Need To Find Somewhere… With Winter Sports

If it’s not a holiday without a risk of breaking an ankle, then skiing or snowboarding locations are for you. A good starting point outside of the usual is the Winter Olympic host cities, except 2014 in Sochi. For some reason, Russia – a country that knows a thing or two about cold – hosted their Olympics in one of the warmer parts of the country.

Canada has hosted more Winter Olympics than most, such as 2010 in Whistler. This is outside of the usual tourist haunts of Montreal and Toronto. So it’s well worth rounding up an Official Canada ETA application form and giving it a go. You can also get ahead of the curve for the 2018 event, by visiting the next hosts in South Korea.

I Need To Find Somewhere… Full of History and Culture

Some of the most ancient cities in the world can be found in Asia, so make this a target for your searches. India is a country with a troubled past but a thriving future, and given its size, you’re bound to find something you like. It’s also totally alien from the Western way of life, offering something truly different.

You can also try the birthplace of culture by visiting Greece – and we don’t just mean Athens. The Lighthouse at Alexandria was one of the wonders of the Ancient World, signifying its longevity. Though the lighthouse is now thought to be beneath the waves, the city of the same name is a thriving destination for tourists.


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