How The Heck Can Anybody Afford To Go Backpacking For A Year? Oh Wait, This Is How


If you’re a traveler at heart, you want nothing more than to get out and explore the big wide world. But there’s a catch. Travelling is expensive. So how do you go about getting the money together that you need to fund your year-round backpacking adventure?


Tough question, right?


Here, we’re going embark on a whistlestop tour of all the ways that you can financially prepare. We’ll look at everything, from looking for jobs to getting “free” money. Let’s take a look.




Set A Financial Target


The first thing you’ll need to work out is exactly how much money you’ll need. Will you be taking your own accommodation, i.e. a tent? Or will you be staying in hostels or hotels? How much will food cost? And do you plan on visiting any amusements that’ll cost you money? Depending on where you want to go, the prices can vary dramatically.



Sell Your Unwanted Stuff


As consumers, our homes often end up filled with stuff that we neither want nor need. We’ve got old CDs, sports gear and even whole bicycles we never use. What’s the point of it all hanging around, not doing anything?


Sell it, clear up your home and make a few dollars to boot.


Help Others Out In Your Community


You’d be surprised how many annoying little jobs people want doing but don’t want to do themselves. Things like washing their cars, moving junk into a skip and mowing lawns are all favorites. Over time, the small payments from these activities soon add up and you could wind up making a killing.


Get a few leaflets printed out explaining who you are, what services you’ll do, and what you’re trying to achieve. Then post them through people’s letterboxes. You’ll be surprised how much traction something as simple as this can generate.


Get Sponsorship


Sponsorship is arguably a lot more fun that doing chores around people’s homes. But you also need a great reason for people to want to donate money. Perhaps your backpacking trip isn’t just for your own benefit. Perhaps it’s to deliver education to a rural community or help with a water-pump project.


Get the message out publicly and ask people to donate to your cause. If you can, write a newspaper article to act as advertising for your campaign. Get the word out in the local community and get fundraising.


Sign Up For A Job, Any Job




People who want to fund their traveling can’t afford to be picky when it comes to jobs. They’ve got to take what they can get. That means working bars, restaurants, behind the till or cleaning. It’s not always the best work. But think of the benefits. You’ll be laughing when you’re doing what you love – scaling those mountains in some distant land.


Call In Some Favors


If you’re traveling abroad for a noble cause, you can reach out to the local community for money. Churches, local associations, even businesses might donate. Make sure that you spell out in detail how your project will help others. And try to target those organizations who are most likely to get excited about the work that you want to do.


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