I went to a “Ping Pong Show”

OKAY FANCY HOTEL. OKAY MILITARY COUP. I’ve had enough of both of you. I’m lonely, there isn’t shit to watch and I’m wasting money for a possible bit of unemployment when I return home. It was dorm time again.


I wandered around and found some shithole called “Patong” hostel. It was like $8 a night. I booked a dorm and went to the common area. I wasn’t ready to ruin my last week by worrying about things that weren’t in my control. I saw this couple, a very blonde man and a gal with beautiful hair like a lioness, and I began chatting them up. They were from Leeds (like everyone else in Thailand besides Thai people themselves.) I couldn’t understand them much, but we hit it off and again I had some good pals to sip some brews and have adventures with. I didn’t foresee us swimming with glowing plankton or anything but it was Phuket, and I knew there would be some trouble to get in. Curfew or not.


For those of you unfamiliar, Phuket is a huge city as well as an island with a roaring nightlife mostly surrounded around the sex industry. We couldn’t properly pull an all nighter because we didn’t want to end up in Thai Prison. We had made it this far without getting ourselves in Thai prison. You know the “ping pong shows” you’ve most likely heard of? Well… I went to one that night.


I don’t entirely know how I feel about Thailands Sex Industry. I know real sex workers in Los Angeles, they are all great people. I don’t think I could ever do what they do, but I respect their decision to do what they choose. I honestly dont know how I feel about the sex tourism in Thailand. In a lot of ways it’s different, and possibly gross if you will, but it seems like the women have the upper hand and are choosing this life. I guess I just feel neutral about it. Also, I’m just here to take in the experience, not judge. HOWEVER, something about pulling a live turtle out of your own V in Phuket was slightly disturbing. Other items that were pulled out of there: Razor blades, ribbons, goldfish, live birds, darts that shot out and into audience member held balloons, whistles that played actual melodies. (Believe it or not there were no ping pongs involved.)

Yeah… some heavy shit right there.

Do I regret going? Absolutely not. I had to see it to believe it. Now I believe it. Now I will never UN-see it. I’m just glad I had my British friends there so I wasn’t a creep going alone. All this was seen and it was back in bed by 10 for mum’s curfew. DSC_3621


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