Ko Phi Phi Island


Before I even set out to Thailand, Ko Phi Phi Island was on my bucket list. Ever since I saw “The Beach” movie, I knew I had to go here before I croaked.

I met a nice 50-something year old Aussie lady on the ferry, and we had a lovely conversation while floating on emerald green waters to the tiny island. She had just gotten out of a 10 year relationship and was out to enjoy herself post-breakup. Its beautiful and crazy how you can just meet a random person from a different walk of life and connect and become friends while sharing a warm beer on the sea.

We got to the island and I found a nice private room on the beach. I decided at this point that, while I was willing to put up with some less than glamorous conditions, I would now be demanding myself to dish out the extra few bucks on air conditioning. There’s nothing worse than waking up exhausted from the night sweats. Life’s too short for that nonsense.

This island is where I was introduced to Southern Thailand and their love for fireshows. Something that I would see on a daily basis from here on out. Jump ropes lit on fire, drunks jumping through flaming hula hoops, fire-breathing, the whole nine. The sand smelled of kerosene as it was a nightly occurrence.


Ko Phi Phi was gorgeous. The water was so clear and it felt like paradise. You kind of just gravitated to the water, and could catch yourself endlessly staring out to sea with bliss, though the beach was a bit trashed from nightly parties (glass, plastic, etc.),  I had finally started getting in the swing of solo-travel and knew I had to branch out so I started talking to more strangers and making friends. I met this guy from Brazil (shit I forgot his name) and we went kayaking to “Monkey Beach.” Here’s the thing about monkeys… they are so cute and human-like and fuzzy but they are super assholes. They will attack you for food, and don’t EVER run from them or you will be sorry. (I learned this lesson a few years ago in Nicaragua when a monkey attacked me and I broke my iPhone.) Anyhow, one of these monkeys grabbed my water bottle, ripped the lid off aggressively and dumped it on his body, then threw the empty bottle on a trash pile.

It was fun to hang with Brazillian. He was a strong paddler, and a nice kayak companion but he kept making remarks about how much he hated America, which was a bit rude I thought. Then he asked me to meet him for dinner and I stood him up (hahahha! hope he never reads this.) I enjoyed a few days of relaxation but had to leave sooner than I liked because I had a Full Moon Party to get to, on the other side of the country. I didn’t get to go on any of the tours to Maya Bay and all the well noted areas, but there’s always next time, and the island was a little pricey.




A party---and a large penis coming out of the sand

A party—and a large penis coming out of the sand







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