Koh Phangan – My Dormitory Sex show and Life on the Open Road

DSC_3241Back in Chiang Mai, these lovely Canadian girls informed me that there was going to be a Full Moon Party in the upcoming week. Sayyyy Whaaaattt?? My party skills have simmered quite a bit over the last couple years but this was something I had to partake in. I had a long trip ahead of me from Phi Phi to Koh Phangan, but it had to be done.

I hopped on the ferry and said goodbye to Phi Phi and all of it’s splendor. The ferry was jampacked with 20 somethings with the same mission in mind, and when I mean packed, I mean PACKED. Every last bit of space was occupied by human. Luckily I scored a seat with a nice British girl named Hannah who was also travelling alone. We hit it off instantly and after the long journey ended up going to the same hostel (dormitory.)

This would be my first dorm experience in Thailand thus far and one I would not forget. Dorms are basically the cheapest rate of accommodation, but they are just a bunch of bunk beds in a room, summer camp style. While you really have no privacy, it is a great way to usually meet some people. Hannah and I had a few drinks, nothing crazy, and went to sleep at a slightly reasonable hour, but it was around 3am when I witnessed something that will unfortunately never clear from my memory. The young, drunk German guy on the top bunk next to mine was having full on SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Right next to me. No sheets, no coverage, no condom, no shame.

I couldn’t believe what woke me up out of my sleep and immediately hung my head down to Hannah, in the bunk under me, who was equally awake and repulsed. She got up, turned the lights on, walked around, just to make her presence known, but clearly these two did not give a damn about their public sex show.

Then after they ermmm finished… the guy high fived his friend beneath him and they began talking and laughing while the drunk girl passed out bare naked and spread eagle on the bed. Hannah had it at this point and yelled “SHUT THE FUCK UP!! WE SAW YOUR SEX SHOW NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” in her adorable British accent and we were finally able to get some sleep.

You could sense the regret and shame in the air the next morning. Hannah and I decided to rent scooters and cruise the island, a great way to get out of that dorm and explore

Easy Riders

Easy Riders

Renting a scooter was kind of discouraged by travelers, and you could see the all too frequent injured people with crutches and scabs and crutches. I heard that you would get ripped off over small scratches, etc. So I was on high safety precautions, wore my helmet and lugged along under the speed limit. The scooter ended up being one of the best decisions I made on the trip. I was able to see parts of the island that most wouldn’t. When I felt bored I would just hit the road like an Easy Rider. It made me realize why people buy motorcycles, the freedom, the wind in your hair.

Elephants were just on the side of the road, chilling. I found this place called “Utopia” where there was an abandoned building with a perfect sunset viewpoint. It was simple to just cruise around and find a private white sand beach where not a single soul was in sight. Filling up on gas was also funny – all alongside the roads were stands with gasoline in old whiskey bottles. Something about these islands started to change me. Reggae suddenly started sounding really good to me, and I began realizing how important naps were. This vacation thing was finally starting to sink in. Island Casey was in full effect.

Just an elephant - no big deal.

Just an elephant – no big deal.

Utopia. My sunset haven

Utopia. My sunset haven


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  1. rey says:

    excellent post, casey. yr comment on “reggae really sounding good” is something i’ve heard a lot from living in puerto rico. island time is always nap time too. makes me miss my island!

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