Looking for Backpacking and Hiking Inspiration? Look No Further Than Montana

Wanderlust is an incredible thing. The joy of travelling and experiencing new things can get tiresome, but not for someone that is afflicted with wanderlust. These individuals love to travel. They want to go everywhere, they want to see new sights, hear new songs and taste new food. Wherever they go, they make the most of it and turn travel into a mission of exploration and discovery.


This is what travel should be about. Holidays are fun and relaxing by the beach in a luxury resort feels great, but if you really want to experience what travelling is truly about, then look no further than a backpacking trip. To many people, their first backpacking experience is a life-changing one, and the same could happen to you. If you’re interested in backpacking and need some inspiration, then look no further than Montana in the United States.



In terms of size, Montana is one of the largest states, yet it’s also one of the least inhabited with a population that reaches just over a million. Perhaps this is why Montana is the perfect go-to destination for hikers and backpackers. With over 147,000 square miles of nature to explore, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a location that you don’t enjoy. Just keep in mind that, even as a backpacker, it’s good to look for accommodation especially if you’re new. Local inns such as the Best Western Plus GranTree Inn Montana are perfect places to set up your base of operations. However, if you want the true backpacking experience, then take a sleeping bag and tent with you—just remember to be safe!


So without further ado, here are some of the most popular hiking and backpacking locations in the whole of Montana.


Cottonwood Creek


If it’s mountain views you’re after, then there’s nothing quite like Cottonwood Creek. There are plenty of fishing spots at Cottonwood Creek, so make sure you bring a stove and some fire to cook your catches.


Boulder Pass


Boulder Pass won’t disappoint if you’re looking for variation. The hike starts simple but you’ll eventually reach the reminders of the area’s history as a volcanic location. There are breathtaking views on this hiking and backpacking trail, so make sure you bring a camera and some spare batteries to record your memories in this beautiful area.


The Beaten Path


Also known as the East Rosebud Trail, this is perhaps one of the best hiking experiences that Montana has to offer. It’s a 26-mile hike, which could be done in anywhere from a single day to three. There are plenty of side trails (hence its nickname) so if you find your path inhabited by other hikers, you’re free to go down a different route.


Moose Lake Trail


Located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the stunning Moose Lake Trail is located south of Glacier Park’s southern edge. There are countless options on the Moose Lake Trail, and a quick look at the map of the location will reveal more hiking trails than you could experience in a lifetime.

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