Making Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

If you travel for business a lot, you are probably used to sleeping in strange hotel rooms, and moving around all of the time. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy it. Staying in a luxury hotel room for a few nights with friends or family is fantastic. A great chance to relax and unwind, or to take the chance to visit a new place. But, traveling for business isn’t the same thing. The rooms you stay in might be boring and dull, you probably don’t unpack at there’s no point and it can be tough to relax when you are spending your time in meetings or in your room.

It doesn’t need to be like this. You can easily make your hotel room feel homelier. A place that you can relax and unwind after a stressful day working. OR where you can organize your thoughts and prepare before going in to make a significant deal.


Stay Somewhere Nice


Your location and budget may be set by your business, but you can still stay in a good hotel. Staying near the airport can be a good idea as it’ll give you more free time when you land. Protea hotel could be just what you need.




Your room will never feel like a home if you are living out of a suitcase. Even if you are just staying for a night or two, unpacking your bag can make the room look more lived in and make getting ready in the morning much easier.


Take Some Home Comforts


Take a few things from home to make yourself more comfortable. This could include a pillow or blanket, your favorite pajamas, some photographs and your favorite snacks and drinks. Sometimes it’s these little touches that make all of the difference.


Go Out


When we’re away for business, we’re often guilty of confining the trip to business, like we’re not allowed to do anything else. But, you are. Eat out, go for a run in the morning, use the hotel spa or pool or just head out for a walk once your meetings have finished. Make the most of your time away. These things will help you to relax, enjoy yourself and get a better night’s sleep. All of which will make you feel more at home.


Take Family


It’s of course not always possible to take people with you on your trip. Finances, school and work, can get in the way. But, if you can take your spouse away for the odd night occasionally you can turn a business trip into a romantic break.


Change the Smell


Hotels have a very clean, impersonal spell. This is good; you don’t want a smelly room. But, it’s not very homely. If you’ve got a scented candle or air freshener that reminds you of home, pack it and take it with you.


Stream Some Shows


Most hotel rooms TVs today have an HDMI port. This means you can hook them up to your tablet or laptop and watch any streaming services, like Netflix that you are already paying for.


Do whatever you need to feel more comfortable in your room. Especially if you are staying for more than a few nights. It’ll stop you feeling homesick and make the whole trip more fun.

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