The downside of tourism – Mas Quetzales, Mas Problemas

I am in San Pedro la Laguna. A little winding village that kind of reminds me of Amsterdam and Flagstaff’s love child. and by that I mean everyone knows each other,there’s a huge mountain behind me,  there are delicious restaurants, and lots of people do drugs here. Me? I’ve been doing a lot of my personal favorite poison, sun-tanning by the pool and drinking mojitos.

At first glance, driving down into the village, all you really notice is the most massively beautiful lake you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  Sadly, this lake is another example of human destruction and the importance of preservation. In fact, before 2009 this lake was of a blue turquoise hue, but due to its purpose for dumping sewage, trash and agriculture run off it is now a funky algae-ish green, with a surface area of rotting plastic barbie dolls, motor oil containers and filmy soap. It has been over-run with Cyanobacteria to the point that even swimming in it could give you some mad toilet trots.  My lips remain glued shut during showers and the tourism is supposedly hurting from the Lake issue, but apparently not for the young backpackers who like $2 hotel rooms and cheap LSD.

It makes me think about back home, and the Snowbowl situation. It really is sad how some of the most beautiful places in the world have/will be destroyed by fecal matter.

On a lighter note, there are alot of cute cats and dogs and chickens here.

We are probably heading out in the next day or two. It’s been fun and all but I’m kinda sick of the white people without deodorant living on the sidewalk selling drugs and making jewelry out of their rotten dreadlocks.

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