My massage at the women’s prison

What trip to Thailand is complete without a massage? I had been tempted to get one, but was waiting for the right moment. Thats when I heard about the Women’s Correctional Facility in Chiang Mai. The women are prisoners set for release in 6 months. All the money raised by massages go directly to them upon release. This, I thought, was going to be my first massage. I pantomimed handcuffs on my wrist to the Tuk-Tuk driver “Prison! Massage!” He gave me some strange looks but a passerby translated to him where I wanted to go, and there I was at the Jail.



It was nowhere near as intimidating as I predicted, and I myself had more tattoos than most of the prisoners. The whole experience was interesting and weird. I was flipped around, my body was contorted in weird positions on top of this woman as she pressed down on parts of my body that no one should ever be pressed on.

The program was great though! They teach the women to sew and bake cakes and prepare them for release. Oh and one hour of full body massage cost me a whole $5USD. Yes Please. I will be back



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