The Most Famous Hiking Routes From Around The World

If you’ve been on a few hikes in your hometown and find yourself feeling hungry for more, you’re going to need to start planning more adventurous routes to satisfy your needs. There are so many incredible hiking routes, we couldn’t possibly list them all here! However, below you’ll find some of the best ones to help you to get your search started.


Te Araroa Trail In New Zealand

On this trail, you’ll get to enjoy many diverse landscapes with 2,000 miles of coastal sand, alpine ridges, and jungle bushwhacks amongst other things. You’ll trek through farmland and hike past volcanoes for a grand total of 1,864 miles.

West Highland Way, Scotland

This hike is 96 miles through the Scottish Highlands, and noted as one of the most beautiful in the world. There’s plenty of greenery to enjoy and a picturesque landscape that you’ll remember forever. Just be warned that the weather is unpredictable, even in summer, so make sure you take the appropriate gear with you. You’ll want plenty of layers!  


Long Range Traverse In Newfoundland, Canada

This trek is almost 25 miles, and is perfect for those who want pristine camps and solitude. Canada is already renowned for having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and this hike is certainly no different. It won’t take you too long but you’ll still get a good stretch!


Pacific Crest Trail In California, Oregon, And Washington

With this trail you get to enjoy beauty and variety for 2,650 miles. Want to know what to expect? Read the book ‘Wild’ or even watch the film Cheryl Strayed took a cleansing trip here when she went through a rough patch, and it helped her to become the successful person she is today.


Overland Track In Tasmania, Australia

Here you’ll get to enjoy wild, natural, and beautiful terrain for 40 miles. You’ll see rainforest and alpine lakes, and get plenty of opportunities for watching wildlife. If you want to go off the beaten path a bit, you’ll need to take a hiking GPS to stay safe. Wild hiking is a joy, but staying safe is crucial!


Kungsleden (The King’s Trail), Northern Sweden

This 275 mile trail is full of untouched wilderness and sunshine that doesn’t seem to end. You’ll actually need a sleep mask to get some darkness! There are many rustic huts for shelter, as well as four national parks and a nature reserve. You might even spot some reindeer if you’re lucky.


Yoshida Trail, Mount Fuji, Japan

If you want to experience a Japanese cultural tradition for yourself, this is the way to do it. There are several trails to the top of the mountain, but Yoshida covers around 8 miles and is the most popular one. This will be a memorable climbing experience like no other. You won’t get tranquility, as there are so many other climbers, but you can stop for noodles and enjoy the sunrise with hundreds of new friends. It’s important to note that this is not a wilderness experience, but a cultural trip.


What do you think of these famous hiking routes?

A Girl’s Guide To Visiting Africa Solo

If you love solo travel, you’ve probably got a long list of places that you’d love to visit. Traveling solo is wonderful; it can teach you so much about yourself, and be a completely unique experience to traveling with another person. However, you need to make sure that you remain as safe as possible. Some people worry that a place like Africa isn’t suitable for solo female travelers, but they’re wrong! This girl’s guide to visiting Africa solo will open your eyes and give you some invaluable tips:



Decide Where You Want To Go

There are a total of 54 countries in Africa, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to where to go. Cape Town is a great start, as it’s an easy place to backpack for solo travelers. Malawi and Zambia are also welcoming to female travelers on a holiday in Africa, so you could start there and see where you end up. There are plenty of sample itineraries online. Remember, one way tickets give you more freedom.


Prepare Yourself

You need to make sure you’re prepared for your trip to Africa alone. Have your vaccinations, and ensure your finances are in order. Speak with your bank in advance so your card doesn’t get cancelled while you’re out there. You also need to know the fees and ideally find a card that doesn’t have fees at all – this can add up to hundreds if you withdraw money each week. Add someone back home that you trust to your account (only if you really trust them) so they can speak to the bank for you if something goes wrong with your account.


Make Friends

You’ll meet some of the kindest people in Africa. Backpackers usually link up with other backpackers, so be prepared to make friends. You will still increase your independence, so don’t worry about that. Just know that if you’re sitting  alone you’ll always be invited to sit with a group!  


Bear in mind that in certain areas different views are held, so you may get some curiosity directed at you from locals.


Take An Unlocked Phone With You

Taking an unlocked phone means you can buy a sim out there and easily stay in touch with those you need to. You should also download apps that can help you on your travels before you arrive, just in case you can’t find wi-fi strong enough out there. Apps like Google Maps, Translate, and Skype could be invaluable.


Dress Appropriately

Making sure you dress appropriately will help you to avoid unwanted attention. Avoid short skirts and very bright clothing, especially in muslim countries. Do your research beforehand!


Slow Down And Enjoy It Properly

Don’t try to rush from place to place and miss out on things as you go. Enjoy each place properly by slowing down and taking it all in. Your trip will be far more meaningful this way.


Are you going to take the plunge and visit Africa solo? Leave your thoughts below!


Girly Getaways You Won’t Need A Passport For

Admitting that you need a getaway with the girls is the first step to travelling to a new state for pure and unrivalled fun. Being able to start planning a getaway and coordinating the schedules for more than one other person? That’s the hard part! Organising time away with your best girlfriends takes a lot of planning and the best plans are those that involve miles of travel but without a passport!

Wine-tasting, hot tubs in a rental property and trawling the best cities in a party bus hired with are likely some of the best ideas you’ll come up with, but there is so much more you can do together. There are so many places from California to NYC  that you can get to and still feel like you’ve truly ‘got away’ and had a break from everyday life. But where to go? You want to leave the passport at home and enjoy some time just the girls, you definitely need this destination guide! You’ll either be more confused as you’ll want to visit every destination we’ve mentioned, or you’ll be inspired! Check them out and let us know where you ended up!

Paso Robles, California. If you love delicious wines and even better weather, Paso Robles wouldn’t be the first place you’d put on the list. However, the charm of the rural atmosphere will excite you and your party from the get-go. You can explore the wineries in the sunshine, taste different wines and enjoy the beaches along Highway 1 while you’re at it.

Nashville, Tennessee. Not just a TV show, Nashville has so much to offer. Follow the Honky Tonk Highway for live music and food that is perfect for the area. Dance the night away and buy tickets for shows at the Ryman Auditorium to make your experience truly immersive.

Atlantic City, New Jersey. Remember that party bus we mentioned earlier? Well, this is the perfect place for it! Glittering nightclubs, strolls on the boardwalk and the beautiful beaches keep your girly weekend away balanced! Start your day with sunbathing and end it with cocktails and a flutter in the casino. You never know, you could change your life in an afternoon.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Touring art galleries with your best girlfriends has never been easier, but the best thing about Eureka Springs is the spas! Manicures, massages and facials feature here along with relaxing detox programmes and a little culture to get you going. Good food, good company and a massage? Why not!

Las Vegas, Nevada. The social butterflies among your group will love Vegas for a weekend, and even if you haven’t perfected your poker face you can still enjoy yourself. Pools, parties and poker games that can earn you a decent crust of money are all on the table with a weekend in Vegas!

Still confused about your weekend away? Check out reviews on TripAdvisor and make a decision that suits the whole group. You could always have more than one weekend away…!


3 Nights in Paris: How To Cram It All In

Paris is known as the city of love, but it’s also full of culture, history, fashion, food and, of course, Disneyland. So, no matter how long you have in Paris, it’s difficult to see and experience everything. The best thing you can do is prioritise the sights and attractions by which ones are most important to you. However, there are a few hacks for seeing Paris in all its glory in a small amount of time. Here’s how you can do it.


The Paris Museum Pass

Purchasing a Paris museum pass will give you access to places like, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles Palace and the Rodin Museum. Having the pass with you as you travel means you’ll be able to make quick stops to any of these sites without much planning. So, if you’re exploring somewhere near Notre Dame, you won’t have to miss out on seeing it because it wasn’t part of your plan. This way, you can cram as much history into your trip as possible.



Disneyland VIP

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually get FastPass tickets at Disneyland for free. FastPass means you’re given an allotted time to ride the attractions so you can go away, enjoy the park and return at your given time to get onto the ride within minutes. Disneyland is a big place, and you can certainly waste more than a day there. So, having FastPass tickets will allow you to experience the attractions without having to wait in line for hours each time. If you’re a Disney Hotel guest, you can get a VIP FastPass ticket which entitles you to even more luxuries.


Le Marais

If you’re looking to experience authentic Paris, a quick trip to Le Marais is exactly what you need. Take a stroll through the streets and get transported back to 1900’s Paris. It’s one of the best places to sit down, have a meal and learn how to speak French with the waiters. If you’re a literary lover, you’ll get the chance to see where Victor Hugo lived and what he drew his inspiration from. An afternoon in Le Marais is enough to get the quality you’re looking for, so you’ll have the rest of the day to make other plans.


River Seine Cruise

Going on a cruise through Paris is one of the best ways to see many sights at the same time. It’s difficult to see everything on one trip, so getting on a cruise boat could be a way to tick those sights off your bucket list. Why not take a champagne cruise along the River Seine and relax as you’re guided through the many beauties of Paris? You can often book cruises like this in advance through sites like Travelzoo.



The Eiffel Tower

When you take a trip to Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must see. But, if you haven’t got a head for heights, you may not want to take part in climbing it with all the other tourists. Wait until the evening and visit the Eiffel Tower lit up instead.


Paris is a magical place to be, no matter what you decide to do.


Achieving Freedom In Australia: The Best Ways To Travel

Most people have freedom in mind when planning a trip to Australia. There’s a good reason this country is such a hotspot for gap year backpackers and explorers galore. Its incredible terrain and endless possibilities make it the perfect place to let loose. Plus, the lack of a language barrier ensures you can get around without too much trouble. Or, does it?


Australia is a big place, and if you want to see its true potential, you’ll have no choice but to find method of transport. Bear in mind that the distance between, say, Adelaide and Sydney, is a whopping 15 hours. While backpacking may seem well and good, that’s not a distance anyone could walk.

So, how can you achieve the freedom to see Australia in its full glory? There are a few options, and we’re going to look at some here. During your research, you’ll see that flight is often the most recommended course, and with the distances mentioned above, it’s easy to see why. But, we’re going to steer away from that idea. We can’t all afford to hop on a plane, after all. Instead, we’re going to focus on some of the cheaper options available.


Okay, buses aren’t exactly what you had in mind when we mentioned freedom of travel. But, you may well have to succumb sometimes. Bear in mind that, while buses are cheap on the more popular East Coast, they could set you back in a major way on the West Coast. Make sure to do your research. And, don’t think that you’re trapped to public transport options, either. If you want to travel long haul, booking up with a company like Greyhound Australia is your best bet.



Hire Car


If complete freedom is your aim, why not get yourself a hire car? Those staying in areas such as Adelaide could head to nearby Glenelg, and hire a small car Glenelg style. And, there are similar services dotted across the East Coast. Though you could be looking at some hefty driving times, you do get the benefit of being able to stop along your way. So, this may be best for those who want the freedom to explore areas they’re passing through. When you aren’t on anyone else’s time scale, the distances may not seem like a problem.


Taxi Services

If you’re only planning to stay within a particular area, you could turn to reliable taxi services instead. By downloading apps like Uber or GoCatch, you can ensure yourself a cab from anywhere. Prices should be relatively modest for small journeys, and this saves you having to worry. Bear in mind, though, that this is not a cost effective method for those long haul trips we spoke about above.

The best option is sure to vary depending on your journey needs. Take some time to consider the distances you’ll be traveling, and how much each option would cost. You should be able to tell easily which is the best fit for you.

The Unquestionably Most Interesting Things To Experience In Florida

Florida, one of the playgrounds of the United States of America. With one of the highest rates of tourism in the entire US, Florida brings in billions of foreign revenue each year. Thankfully, this is no accident. Florida is one of the most beautiful, sunny and gorgeously planned states in the whole of the United States, and it’s likely you already know of a few attractions there. Some of the best are listed in this article. Some are super-famous, but that in no way lessens their worth in visiting. Florida is such a large state which warrants multiple visits, and the discerning traveller is likely to fall in love with it the moment they arrive.

Walt Disney World

If you have only visited Disneyland Paris thus far, which is amazing in its own right, you are in for a treat when visiting Walt Disney world. Attracting millions upon millions of people annually, Walt Disney World is a hypermassive amusement park which sports luxury accommodation, some of the most innovative rides found anywhere in the world, as well as the intrinsically lovable Disney theme which promises to make even the most wizened of adults feel like they’re eight years old again.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a city on the northeast coast of Florida and is one of the oldest cities in the US. For this reason, the history buffs amongst you must demand from yourself a visit to this beautiful and historical city. However, of all the historical cities you might imagine, this is the least stuffy, as the St Augustine beach is right on your doorstep, and the area features beautiful Spanish architecture for the colonial period. Check out TRYP By Wyndham Sebastian St. Augustine to get the best deals on accommodation and travel tips when exploring this vastly fascinating city. It’s likely you’ll never want to leave.


If you’re not much of a Disney fan, visiting the Everglades National Park should be high on your list. It’s the second largest park in the country only slightly behind Yellowstone Park. Totally over 1.5million acres of marshland and swamp, containing a vast and complex ecosystem which houses alligators, crocs, deer and turtles among others. Unless you are the most adept at exploring, it’s likely that you won’t have the time to explore all of that, and where crocodiles are concerned, it’s likely that you want to avoid some areas outright. However, if you attend the right tour guide, it’s likely that you’ll have plenty to experience and enjoy.

Cuban Food

Thanks to the import of Cuban culture to Miami in the late 70’s and 80’s, there are plenty of genuinely authentic Cuban restaurants in the area. If you’re looking for the most genuine, the street food on the southern side of the city is the most populous, and proves to completely stun you with the flavourful and homely food on offer. Even if you have a small appetite usually, you’ll probably be stunned at how much you manage to fit when it tastes this good.

Florida will quickly become your favourite state after an extended visit here, and for good reason. You’ll only know when you experience it yourself.

Travel Tips: Things To Do During An Exciting Cape Town Adventure



The city of Cape Town originated as a trading port on the southwestern coast of South Africa. Over the years, the area has become one of the biggest cities in the region, welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year. It’s the best place to stay and find entertainment in the whole of South Africa, and that’s why so many people return time and time again. Today, this post will highlight some of the most exciting and alluring attractions visitors won’t want to overlook. Use this information to plan the perfect Cape Town adventure for the family, or as a solo traveler.


Sail around the Cape of Good Hope


Contrary to popular belief, the Cape of Good Hope is not the southernmost point of Africa. However, it’s an impressive sight that all travelers should witness during their trips. Hundreds of sailors who visited Africa for the first time during the 1600s and 1700s believed the area was the edge of the world. With a rocky headland and clear waters, anyone who ventures to that location will want to take a camera along for the ride. There are many hiking trails that anyone can try, but people who want the best experience will board a ship and sail the coastline. Sights worth seeing include:


  • Cape Point Ostrich Farm
  • Cape Point Lighthouse
  • Buffels Bay Beach


Check out the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden


Anyone who loves nature reserves with stunning mountain views will want to take a trip to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. It’s also one of the best places in Africa to see thriving plant life and unusual flowers. Tanzania is one of the only other locations that compare on the continent In 2004, the entire region was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and so the area benefits from lots of investment at the moment. Again, it’s a place people should never visit without their cameras. Some of the most beautiful plants found at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden include species from regions such as:


  • Savanna
  • Fynbos
  • Karoo

Chart Farm Rose Picking


Visit the Constantia Valley


The Constantia Valley is a thriving suburb of Cape Town, and it’s where visitors will find the most comfortable environments. Owners of the Villa SA guest house always recommend that travelers take the time to visit some of the wine specialists in the local area. There is a route that people can follow which takes them past no less than ten ancient vineyards that produce some of the tastiest beverages in the world. Of course, there are many upmarket restaurants and hotels in the area too. The Constantia Valley also lies at the foot of the Constantiaberg mountain which is excellent for hikers.


Cape Town is a beautiful location that’s steeped in lots of fascinating history. For that reason, it’s sensible for visitors to educate themselves ahead of time. With that bit of luck, that should make planning their itineraries a little easier. Also, understanding a place like Cape Town is difficult without some historical context. Still, anyone who intends to travel to South Africa soon should make sure they stay in the city for at least a couple of nights.