Quench Your Thirst For Foreign Cuisine

One of the best things about travelling the world is trying the different cuisines in all of the countries that you visit. If you can’t afford to go travelling abroad, you can still get a taste of authentic foreign cuisine right here in the US. If you want to experience a culinary tour of the world on a budget, here are some of the best places in America to visit.


Thai Town, Los Angeles



No prizes for guessing what type of cuisine you can get here. Thai Town, sometimes called the 78th province of Thailand, is home to the largest population of Thai people outside the country itself. This community has brought with them all of the great culinary traditions of their home country. One of the best restaurants in the area is Jitlada, serving the best authentic Thai food you can get anywhere outside of Thailand. There are also lots of Thai markets and food stores so you can buy the ingredients and recreate your own dishes at home.


Versailles, New Orleans


Versailles in New Orleans is famous for its Vietnamese food traditions. Although there is a large Vietnamese community in California and Orlando, most experts would point to Versailles if you’re looking for the best Vietnamese food in the country. All of the local restaurants source their ingredients from the local Vietnamese farmers markets. You can expect to find delicious spicy beef soup and some incredible grilled-pork spring rolls at local favorite Pho Tau.


Chinatown, Las Vegas


Vegas is a great place to go for all types of world food, because it has lots of different areas, dedicated to different countries, but the one that stands out the most is Chinatown. This is the best place to experience great chinese food in the whole country. As well as the food, there are also lots of other chinese inspired shops that you can check out.


Rego Park, New York


Since the early nineties, a large number of Jewish immigrants from the middle east have settled in Rego Park, New York. With them they brought an incredible array of dishes. The most popular ones are samsa, an alternative version of a samosa, using middle eastern flavors. It is also worth trying a cheburek, a type of savory pie that is deep fried.


Little Ethiopia, Washington D.C.


Little Ethiopia is another district with a very uninventive name, but it has some great food on offer. Ethiopian cuisine is one that you don’t often find in the western world, so it is definitely worth trying if you are headed out to Washington. D.C. has the largest population of Ethiopians in the country, and so there are naturally a lot of restaurants that cater to them. However, the cuisine has since been adopted by locals and is a favorite of everybody in the area. One thing that you definitely shouldn’t miss is their coffee. There is a whole ritual built around it, that involves watching them roast and grind the coffee before brewing it, and enjoying it alongside specifically chosen incense.


It might not be quite the same as the real thing, but going to these places can quench your thirst for foreign cuisine at least for a while.


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