Seaside Sports To Splash Out On This Summer


Learning a new water sport can turn a lazy beach holiday into an action-packed experience. If you’ve got a vacation by the coast planned this summer and don’t want to be spending it sat on a sunbed, why not try one of these exciting ocean activities?


Paddle boarding


This exciting new water sport blends surfing and paddling and has taken off across the globe. Whilst you can take lessons, paddle boarding can be self learnt. You’re best off starting gently with a beginner board such as this California Board Company SUP. Alternatively, there may be a place you can rent a board and paddle from by the sea. Paddle boarding is a great family activity and is great at exercising the core and improving balance.


Scuba Diving


Getting beneath the waves opens you up to a whole new world. Sadly, scuba diving isn’t something you can self-teach and requires lessons and a license. Once you have this license though, you can go anywhere in the world and dive. It may be worth trying some lessons before you jet off so that when you go on holiday you don’t spend the whole time in training. Many indoor swimming pools offer scuba diving courses for beginners.



Beach Yoga


Yoga is an activity you can practice anywhere. However, a setting such as the beach can truly help you to relax and get in the zone. Many beach resorts now hold yoga classes with professional instructors. These are very popular on party islands such as Ibiza, allowing a nice tranquil contrast to the night life.


Water Zorbing


Water zorbing involves being placed in a large inflatable ball and effectively walking on water. It derives from its land-based zorbing alternative, which often involves being pushed down a hill in a ball. Water zorbing can be stepped up a notch – there are some places that have adapted it into a water-skiing-like activity in which the ball gets trailed from the back of the boat. For those seeking an adrenaline charge, this variant is certain to satisfy it.

Beach Hiking

More than a walk on the beach, this type of hiking involves trekking large stretches of the coastline. You can beach hike from anywhere, although some coastline are certain to be more appropriate for it. Some places may even offer guided beach hikes allowing you to exercise your legs and get a tour of your location allowing you to learn about the local history and culture, as well as spot wildlife. Jogging along the coast is also an option. Jogging on the sand is generally not advised, as it can be damaging to one’s joints, however many beaches will have paths alongside them. There’s also the option of cycling the coast, allowing you to cover longer distances, whilst still getting a good workout.

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