Seriously. Phuk.

Do you remember my last post where I mentioned the part about drinking Whiskey until sunrise with the boys?

Well here’s why that may have been a bad idea. I hopped on the ferry to go across the effing ocean from Ton Sai to Phuket. Here’s a self made artists representation of my route for visual:


Let me preface this story by saying: I am notoriously known to get sea sick. It was storming out (VERY rough seas). I hadn’t slept a wink and I drank whiskey literally ALL night.

I boarded the ferry, immediately put my headphones in, and luckily due to rough conditions, the ship was quite empty, allowing me to sprawl out across the bench like a wild banshee. That’s all I remember. Flash forward to several hours later where I wake up in a dark room. I was so sleep deprived, so delirious that I had absolutely no fucking clue where I was. I immediately shifted into pure panic mode. I reached first for my organs, all intact and second, my passport which was still with me. I tried to pull it together. This whole trip I had done so well about keeping safe and balancing fun with responsibility and now I was a fucking captive in the middle of the sea. I got up, stumbled about and it all came to me. I was still in the same ferry, It was just nighttime now and everyone had been long gone for hours.. I fell asleep and no one bothered to wake or disturb me. That or I was so incapacitated that nothing could wake me. I quickly got off that ship where I immediately met eyes with some Thai motorcycle taxi drivers who saw me and busted into laughter and incomprehensible Thai. I waved one down and told him to take me to the closest hotel. Whatever it was I didn’t care. I needed a proper bath, I wanted a comfy bed and I was going to order takeout and watch movies all night. Well that was my plan at least……..


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