Staying Safe While Travelling Solo: My Top Tips


Travelling by yourself can be the best experience in the world – but it isn’t as easy as everyone makes out that it is, especially if you’re a woman. Here are some tips on how to stay safe…

Be Observant

Remember that it’s always best to observe rather than throwing yourself immediately into whatever action’s going on around you. From a traveller’s point of view, you’re often more likely to learn from observing others instead of actually trying immediately to take part in someone else’s culture, and from a more safety oriented point of view, knowing what’s going on around you is a big key factor that will keep you safe. Keep your hands on your bags at all times and be aware of how close people are to you at all times.


Keep To Your Budget

There’s very little that makes you feel more vulnerable than not having enough money. Before you go on a trip you should have budgeted to make sure that you have enough cash to last you the whole time you’re away – but you should also make sure that you’ve budgeted enough to have a cushion just in case something goes wrong. Make sure that you have enough money to stay in a hotel if you need to, or to change your plans at a moment’s notice. Remember that at all times – not just when travelling – money means freedom. Look online for tips for travelling on a budget to find out more.


Learn Self Defence

No one’s saying that you should get into a fight – in fact you should steer away from conflict wherever possible. But it’s always important to know how to defend yourself. Remember that people are particularly sensitive in their solar plexus, their insteps, their noses and their groins and if someone grabs you from behind then lean your full weight on them so they drop you before pulling their fingers and jabbing at their eyes while making as much noise as possible. If someone tries to rob you, just hand over your possessions – your life is more important than your purse.


Stay Informed

It’s best to know as much as possible about the city you’re in. Don’t just rely on your phone for maps – if it gets stolen, you’ll be completely lost, so make sure you have a guide book or paper map as well, along with the name of your hotel or wherever you’re staying written down on a piece of paper so you can show it to a taxi driver if you get lost. Make sure that you know the customs of the area you’re in so you don’t stick out too much and draw attention to yourself and ensure that you know how to get a taxi or how to use the local public transport system.


Trust Your Instincts

In life there’s very little that’s more important than understanding that you should trust your instincts whenever possible and that you should always err on the side of suspicion to make sure that you keep yourself safe. If you get a strange feeling from someone then make a polite exit – if you’re at a loss about what to say, you can always fake stomach problems as it’s pretty hard for people to argue with that. Your instincts will often pick up on cues that your conscious mind will miss, like tone of voice or body language – so if you start to feel uncomfortable, get up and leave immediately.


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