The Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary- Cutest day of my life.

Ever since I first laid eyes on a Sloth I fell in love. Something about their alien-like facial features and lazy lifestyle pulls at my heart strings so very hard, so when I knew we were going to be in Costa Rica, we had to, just had to make a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita. In fact it really was my only requirement and expectation of the trip, and today it finally came true.

This lovely place used to be a hotel for tourism, but one day a young local girl brought them a little orphan baby sloth who they helped rehabilitate and raise. They named the sloth “Buttercup” and soon another sloth in need of help showed up and next thing you know they were the go to guys for hurt sloths and abandoned sloth babies. Very little is still known about these creatures and how to care for them as they spend their solitary lives up in the jungle canopy,  but they have made huge advancements in helping them and releasing them back into the wild.

The tour began with a short canoe ride through a small canal through the jungle where we spotted some cool wildlife, including a large family of howler monkeys, some really impressive birds, reptiles, a family of bats and even a three toed sloth in the wild. Then we met some adult sloths and some babies in the nursery, including a paraplegic sloth who fell onto coral, a sloth who was a pet for 5 years and was abused, a sloth with electocution burns from electric wires, many orphaned babies with deceased mothers and even “Buttercup” the founder.

There were also alot of sloths we couldn’t meet because they limit the human interaction, but for a steep $150 you can get the “VIP” tour, which obviously we couldn’t afford, nor are we very important people. It was so fun and cute and made my heart feel warm and happy.

This is Buttercup. The Lazy Founder

This poor lil guy got electrical burns from electric wires

Their Stuffed Animal Cubbies . oh, so cute…

One of his arms is amputated. Once released, they found that he wasn’t able to pick the leaves off the plants with one arm and has become a permanent resident

A Monkey we saw up in the tree

Costa Rica Sandflies – A touch of Misery.

I had quickly brisked over the “Sand Fly” problem in Central America in my guide book, but thought nothing of it. Yeah, Sand Flies, Malaria, Crime, Robbery, GI Upset, whatever.  It’s all relative.

It has been rainy here in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and I have only had the pleasure of spending a whole 30 minutes on the beach the 4 days we have been here, but 30 minutes was all it took. I felt nothing, but now I cannot go to sleep without Benadryl Topical Gel and Oral Pills. Supposedly they carry tons of awful diseases, but I suppose all I can really do at this point is try my darndest not to scratch them. Soooooooooooo Itchhhhyyyyyyyyyyy helllllllllp meeeeeeeeee!!

Sand Fleas are no joke folks.