Costa Rica Sandflies – A touch of Misery.

I had quickly brisked over the “Sand Fly” problem in Central America in my guide book, but thought nothing of it. Yeah, Sand Flies, Malaria, Crime, Robbery, GI Upset, whatever.  It’s all relative.

It has been rainy here in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and I have only had the pleasure of spending a whole 30 minutes on the beach the 4 days we have been here, but 30 minutes was all it took. I felt nothing, but now I cannot go to sleep without Benadryl Topical Gel and Oral Pills. Supposedly they carry tons of awful diseases, but I suppose all I can really do at this point is try my darndest not to scratch them. Soooooooooooo Itchhhhyyyyyyyyyyy helllllllllp meeeeeeeeee!!

Sand Fleas are no joke folks.



Almost Dying in Guatemala AGAIN – Dengue Fever

After the waterpark, everything went downhill quick.

In the history of Casey Horan, nothing had prepared me for the sickness I would endure the next 4 days, and i couldn’t have spent it in a more creepy and awful hotel. As we arrived to our room post-water park, our door was open, (luckily we had taken all of our valuables with us to the park,) and I immediately laid down, where I basically stayed for the duration of the misery, except for the times I was woken from my coma to violently vomit what small morsels of food remained in my body. My fever had me sweating bullets and I had never had such an awful headache in my life,.It kinda felt like someone was drilling powertools into my eye sockets. I think the most downward slope of my sanity was during a vom-sesh when I looked to my side and saw a 3 inch cockroach staring back at me.

As I tried to nervously convince my parents on skype that I was fine, I really questioned my well-being. . I curled up next to Keenan balling my eyes out flicking through my Lonely Planet reading him the “Common Illnesses” section, neurotically self diagnosing myself with everything from Brain Cancer to Malaria. Once I passed the threshold of “I need medical help” , we made plans to head to the village but realized that it was Saturday and the town’s doctor was closed.

I basically slept day in and day out forced myself to drink water, took Doxycycline 500mg PO BID (for my nursing friends) and each time I woke up in a blur of confusion, I felt a bit more normal. I never got an offical diagnosis, but I’m 98% sure that I had Dengue Fever. It made the most sense.

In the meantime Keenan was having a bit of a bitch-fest about our creepy hotel and all their unorganized problems. ie:Their menu only had omelettes, they couldnt call a Tuk Tuk and the nearest town was like 2 miles away, they left our door unlocked, the sewage soaked through the tiles in the floor and left puddles all over the room, the toilet overflowed shit water onto the floor, the hotel lady walked in on me in my undies, they asked us to move rooms while I was dying of Dengue Fever, etc.

Anyways, when it got to the point where I felt somewhat stable, I said “Lets get the EFF out of here” and we went to the beach.

Champerico is the vacation hot spot for the Guatemalan families craving some beach time. It was a short trip down to the pacific coast (1HR) where we stayed for the night. This place was kinda trashy in the sense that trash was scattered all along the beach, and the air smelled like sun-baked trash. There was even a huge pig in the road eating piles of trash (perfect for the nauseous)

Seafood was amazingly cheap here though! Keenan got this soup for $9 and it had a whole crab in it, like 10 mussels, a whole fish (seriously an entire fish just plopped in the soup) tons of clams, huge shrimp and squid. I still had no appetite, but forced myself to try to eat some shrimp, but then the waitress brought me out raw shrimp. I was also too exhausted to ask questions because I didnt feel like eating anyways.

This town was very small, but we managed to get a nice room with a pretty view for $10, we played in the waves a bit, but the undertow was crazy strong. We even got to watch a lifeguard rescue go down from a guy who went too far out. This beach was also neat because it had black volcanic sand. Which was unbearably hot. It’s cool to think that you can drive 4 hours or so and end up on the white sanded carribean beaches. Guatemala has it all! (even crazy diseases)