Tanzania: An Adventure To Remember

Tanzania is a vast and beautiful East African country, which is renowned for its wildlife and wilderness. Many travellers go there to explore with local guides and experts, and it’s a popular destination for wildlife photographers. Once you’ve sorted out your vaccinations, your travel arrangements, and accommodation; you’ll want to focus on the good stuff. Tanzania will offer you memorable experiences and unparalleled scenery, making it the perfect adventure for the solo traveller. The following are some ideas for you to consider before your head off on your African adventure.


The Big Five


The first thing on many people’s minds when the get on a plane to Tanzania is if they’re going to be able to see “the big five.” Made up of elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, and lions (are you hearing the Lion KIng music yet), the big five are the famous game that reside on the land of Tanzania and are the focus of many traveller’s trip. If you want to capture a photograph of Simba in his natural habitat; it’s worth booking yourself onto an organised safari, so that you’ll have the best chance of spotting and photographing the animals you love.


You can also take a boat safari to see the sleeping crocodiles on the Rufiji River (if you’re brave enough) and all of the national parks revolve around nature, so there will be plenty of wildlife to enjoy. Visit Ngorongoro Crater to see a beautiful vista where lions pad around leisurely on top of a world heritage site; it’ll be well worth the adventure.


A Bucket List Challenge


Another area of stunning beauty lies in the northern area of Tanzania; Mount Kilimanjaro is somewhere that attracts over 50,000 clhttps://static.pexels.com/photos/41178/africa-animal-big-carnivore-41178.jpegimbers a year and with good reason. The are various routes to take when you’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and each offers a different experience and, varying terrain and scenery; all of which a breathtaking and they’ll be views that you’ll never forget.


You’re unlikely to be climbing the mountain alone (and this is unadvised anyway), as it’s such a popular destination for those who love to trek and climb. Therefore, it’s a great way to make lasting friendships, as you’ll all be camping and travelling up the mountain together, before reaching the peak and ticking it off your bucket list. Make sure that you’re well equipped; take a look here for advice on what to invest in and ensure that your fitness levels are up to a good standard (you don’t want to be left behind). If you research and prepare properly; you’ll have an awesome adventure, and you will return from Tanzania feeling fulfilled (and with plenty of stories to tell).



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It’s Not All Desert


After a tiring expedition up the mountain and once you’ve spotted the big five; it’s time to visit the tropical coastline of Tanzania and the islands of Zanzibar. On the main island of Zanzibar, you’ll find a historic town full of character, winding streets and old palaces; an explorer’s dream. If you’re still craving wildlife, you can enjoy the rich and varied sea life that reside in the area, like whale sharks and coral reefs, in the marine park. Tanzania is bursting with different wildlife, climates, terrains, and an array of sights and sounds that will excite your senses; you won’t want to leave and are bound to make a return trip in the future.


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